Thursday, January 22, 2015

So sore!

PI'm definitely not what someone would call fat...however after the holidays I find myself bordering on 'I've never weighed this much in my life chunky'. 

^chunky. For once I'm not talking about pony

So I started a new workout program, called daily burn. You've probably all seen the commercials...point of my story is that I'm sore. Sooooo sore. While I'm hobbling around I'm dreaming of those bikini legs cause otherwise this whole hobbling thing kinda sucks. 

Anywayyyys, my point being that I went to the barn Wednesday morning and even sitting on my horse hurt. Obviously I chose this to be my stirrup less ride because I'm the smartest of smart. It was awful. We did an extended trot and I worked on really glueing my ass down. Luckily though, my farrier was there so I had to cut my ride short anyways for pony to get her feet done. She was a full like three weeks overdue. I love my farrier and I literally don't trust another soul to touch my horses feet....but he is a cowboy and has a lot going on. We had really heavy rains a few weeks ago, which  wiped out a lot of fences and my farrier had 11 cows get loose. Those 11 cows amounted to about 22,000 dollars. Yeah...I get why you were to busy to come do my horses feet. 

This morning I went out to the barn late and hobbly. There was no way I was riding hahahah. 

Instead I took carrots and grooming supplies out to pasture. I groomed pony at liberty which I love doing...and we could have done a lot more if the boss horse wasn't on her side of the pasture. 

Where she lives, you can't see one side of the pasture from the other, so if she's alone on one side then she's awesome but if the bossy horse is there he runs her off when I'm around. How rude! 

That's not bossy horse. That's blaze who is bffs with pony, he's also one of my trainers horses and him and pony have lived together for probably a solid 4 years or more. 

We call him stick horse because he has the saddest looking conformation. He's skinny but has always been skinny and will always be skinny...doesn't even matter how much he gets fed, she hates it when people act like he needs more food...he's just a skinny horse get over it! 

Of course blaze looked at me so sadly and obviously he got brushed too. I'm such a pushover

In reality they're smelling for carrots 

Overall pony was thrilled with her heavy work load today. Such a tough life

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