Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No stirrups new year!

New year, new goals! 

Or, in my case, actually having goals since I spent a good part of last year having ZERO goals and ZERO ambition to do anything. 

But I'm never gonna improve or stop feeling crappy about myself unless I make a change!

Anyway, back to one of my new goals. 

Ride once a week with no stirrups EFFECTIVELY.   Did you see that keyword effectively? It's easy to ride with no stirrups and just hang out. But it's totally different to effectively use your leg! 

I have a tendency to grip with my knees....and the worst habit I have is bringing up my heels when I put leg on. It's so hard to use your calf!

Today was day one. You know what it taught me? 

I'm an awful rider hahahahha. 

There was a lot of my horse having absolutely no clue what the hell I was asking her. 

There was a lot of me looking like a floppy whale on her back. 

There was a lot of my legs burning, within like two minutes of a sitting trot. Yup, you heard that. My legs are so pathetic that just a sitting trot while engaging my calf was hard work. 

Yay goals!

She was also not her perfect self hahahah. There was a lot of giraffe impressions and a lot of sporadic rhythms. Most likely from the calf I was engaging Hahhahahah. She was trying hard, but it was just asking her for things in a different way that she wasn't so sure about.....thank you bad habits of me riding without enough leg. 

We did a lot of trotting and I was actually surprised and how much of an extended trot I could sit by using my legs and not brace into my stirrups. 

The first time we loped was really surprisingly good. Pony is not a good lope horse, at all. She's great walk trot and she has never and will never been a good loping horse. 

To the right she was really good!  To the left is her tougher lead when she's out of shape and it was rough but still not awful. When we went to the right again though she was a little crazy, she kept diving into the middle and dropping her shoulder, and without stirrups I totally didn't have the control to pick her up! So I just kept bouncing around until I was finally able to sit my ass into the saddle and really engage my core and wait until it was manageable and then let her stop. 

So, at least i have something that I really need to work on!!

For your viewing pleasure.....enjoy the monsters in my horses grain 

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