Thursday, January 8, 2015

More goals!

New year goals 
1) once a week stirrup less
2) once a week out on the hill (unless it's sloppy muddy obviously)

Woohoo! More goals! Clearly I'm making this up as I go. 

Let's be honest though, hills are awesome exercise for them. Pony needs it!

Today we went out on the hill. Unfortunately our 'trail riding' is two it's kinda a lot of winding around and not very far you can go. 

We galloped up the hill once, yay for a super fast pony at a whopping 18mph (that's a joke). 

And trotted up the hill some too. And walked down hills and opened and closed 5 gates. Have I mentioned pony is awesome at gates? 

Back in one of the back pastures there's some obstacles set up since that's normally where we would have a trail class in the few shows we do at our barn. 

There were a few big plastic drainage pipes that I asked pony to step over, that she walked up to and jumped from a standstill hahahha. I guess it was too high to step over (in her defense she has tiny legs). 

Funny side note....last week we went out in that pasture and I tried to have her walk up onto the teeter totter and one of the horses boarded out there walked straight past us and stood on it and wouldn't let us on it. Ummm okay horse, all yours. Ponys been so spazzed out the past few days....hopefully she calms her shit down Hahahah. Can flax seed make a horse hot? 

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