Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Years!

The remainder of this week gave me two absolutely lovely rides. 


On New Year's Eve, I got to the barn knowing I was going to ride and then drive about an hour south to meet my boyfriend in the town he grew up with and spend New Years with them, so I literally had my hair pinned up under a hat in curls. (P.s. I tried to get sexy victoria secret curls but I ended up with stepped wives curls.....) 

So I saddled pony and took her back to the round pen, I wanted to work more on  my seat and my body. However, rather than bridling her I just left her halter on, and didn't even bother to wrap it around and tie it. Instead, we opened and closed the gate to the round pen with just one rein connected to one side of her halter, so proud of my pony!

We did a few circles in the round pen before I leaned over and removed the halter completely. Because my pony is a superstar she acted like nothing changed. 

Also, totally forgot to mention that New Year's Eve was the craziest wind ever. It was blowing so hard, and since my barn is in a sort of valley between two large hills, the wind was just HOWLING through there. Pony was cool as a cucumber though. 

So we did the same thing I did on Tuesday, I walked, trotted and loped with no halter/ bridle while working on my body control most. She was so responsive, we did a lot of transitions, and worked on changing her trot speed. 

Afterwards, I grabbed her halter and started to put it back on when I laughed at the thought of trying to open and close two gates with her bridleless.....and since my motto is no excuses I obviously had to try it. So I left her halter off and flung the lead rope around her neck and set to work on the first gate. We made it out but closing it was way tougher. Finally we pushed it closed but then the wind picked it up and blew it all the way around the opposite way. I just left it then, since pony did technically do what I wanted her to. 

Onto gate two... We walked to the other side of the arena to get out of that gate and we had more difficulty. Pony always has trouble with that gate. The latch is down low and its unlike the other arena gate, she has to stand in a different position and that confuses her. So it took us quite a while but we finally got it, but it was really hard to do since I was trying to keep my halter and rope around her neck and not fall to the ground. 

We did a big lap around the ranch, she was wonderful as always. We even have almost mastered our new trick, backing up bridleless. It took her a long time to figure out what I was asking her, we can do it with a rope around her neck but completely bridleless was harder, but on Wednesday she was bomb at it. 

Friday : 

I met a friend at the barn for a ride, we took our ponies into the arena to warm them up, pony was totally awesome. She responded well to everything and was super calm. Then we took them out back to the pasture and the first gate I opened was a doozy. The chain was really low and wrapped around a railroad tie. Getting it off wasnt a big deal but closing it again was super difficult. I was like fully leaned off of pony hugging this railroad tie to try and wrap the chain back around. But pony was saint like and let me do it. 

We rode around the pasture for probably about 45 minutes before going in. Me and pony galloped up the hill (leaving my friends horse bucking in the background, Woops)  

All in all it was fun!! 

And for your viewing pleasure :) 

Happy New Years!

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  1. Yay glad your back! It took me a minute to remember whos blog this was but as soon as I clicked here and saw pony I knew :) I was pretty lazy with my blog last year as well buttrying to keep at it better


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