Tuesday, January 20, 2015

 Last Friday :
      I officially took pony off flax after jokingly making the connection and then realizing it could be seriously accurate. Friday she was awful. She couldn't stand still, wouldn't pay attention to me, rushed through everything and wouldn't just calm her shit down and relax. Finally I got off of her and free lunged her around the arena. She was crazy and after a serious workout for me, she joined up nicely and followed me around the ranch at liberty while she was huffing and puffing from galloping around. 

Last Saturday :
       She was stupid again. I don't really remember this specific ride but I remember being irritated by her once again. 

Last Monday : 
       She was better but still not great. 

Last Tuesday :
        We went on a trail ride! Got trailered out to a place literally half a mile from the barn. Lots of rolling hills and open space. Very pretty. Lots of fire roads....but lots of galloping space :) we had a lot of fun. 

We jumped over drainage ditches....I walked her over it the first time since she had absolutely no clue what I was asking her to do, and after that she jumped it when I got back on. 

Lots of cows 

Patient ponies waiting to leave 

She's so little you can hardly see her in the trailer 

Ride stats. It was SOOO nice out....like 70 and sunny. 

Last Thursday :
       I went to the barn at night to ride with a friend and did a no stirrup ride. Pony was loads better this week than she was the week before, I think the flax was definitely affecting her. 

Yesterday/ monday :
       I had a lesson with my trainer and I asked her to kick my ass in a round pen lesson. She obviously obliged and we did a lot of body control in the round pen. We worked A LOT on glueing my ass to the seat in a trot. Not an easy trot...a forward bounce trot. She did a lot of rollbacks and I got super off balance in some of them (I didn't always know when they were coming) but I figured it out and worked on really getting my butt deep in my seat. 

After that we put a bridle on and worked on controlling all parts of her body to really get her engaging. SO MUCH LEG. My left leg is naturally way weaker and I have problems with quieting it in the lope so we worked on really pushing into my left stirrup since usually I push into the right more and really lengthening the left leg. 

Overall a great lesson 

I took my saddle home last night to clean and oil it. It's looking good :) 

Before (you can see the Velcro on the panels and see more clearly how the panels are not part of the saddle 

And after : 

It looks better in person and this morning after the oil had a chance to soak in overnight 

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