Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Im back!

So i'm the worst blogger ever.

No, seriously though, I get it, because its pretty much true.

Its been literally almost a year since I logged on.

Why you ask?

Laziness.  Pure and simple.  I got busy blah blah blah.

Obviiiiiously being busy affected how much I was riding and life got in the way (pesky life!) But I am back and I would really like to keep track of my rides and how we progress and I figured there was no better way than finally logging onto my blog again!

That is if all my blog friends don't disown me!

How about a recap of the last year in a nutshell:

- Pony is awesome.  She is bombproof and amazing and I love her with all my heart.

- Her 'injury' doesn't slow her down a bit - but i'll do a whole other blog post for that!

- She has been ridden a lot and then not so much on and off for the past year, so right now she had a small winters hibernation with the craziness of the holiday season, but now she's gonna be back to work!

Wow, I guess not much happened in my past year now did it?

Sunday : 

I got home from a christmas vacation to see my family and immediately rushed to the barn to find what looked like a swamp monster.  Look at that tail! Have you ever seen such a mud creature? The rest of her body was just as bad!

So, since I had just gotten home and by the time I got to the barn I only had about an hour of sun left, I dunked her tail in hot soapy water and soaked off the mud clods and left the legs for another day. I grained her and put her in the arena to let her roll, its sooooo muddy that none of the horses have been rolling.  Pony's in pasture now, I've mentioned that right? She has 10 acres with a bunch of men and loves it to pieces.

She rolled once and then just kept coming over to me, so obviously she's not too roll-deprived.

Monday : 

I got to the barn in the afternoon and literally spent like 5 hours grooming her. Seriously.  She was muddy EVERYWHERE.  First i got a hot soapy bucket and stuck each foot in.  That took like two hours to finally remove all the mud from her legs.  Finally, however her legs were clean, but then it still took hours more to remove the mud from her belly and undo her mane braids and make her look like a real horse again.  Finally after all of that I jumped on her bareback for like 15 minutes (pathetically short ride) but keep in mind she hasn't been ridden in probably 2 months or so and she was quiet and calm as could be. Such a good pony! I just wanted to see how responsive she would be etc, and thank you very much, she was WONDERFUL.  So I took that as a win and went home.

This was after I spent all afternoon grooming her.  She has white legs?! Who would have guessed! This was also after I finished spraying her down with tick spray, did I mention not only was she covered in mud but ticks? Poor thing!

Tuesday : 

Today I came out to the barn to find her feet muddy again.  When will it dry out?! The mud is getting better, before christmas I sank up to my mid calves in mud when I stepped into her pasture....now its much more manageable!

I can't make this turn, but you get the just

It was freezing cold and windy today (keep in mind, my california version of freezing cold is probably pathetic to all you hard core people) but it was seriously windy.....like we're having power outages and toppled trees and such.

So after making her as pretty as I could, I threw a saddle on and took her to the round pen (Did i ever do a post about my new saddle? I bought a super expensive one and its amazing and fits her perfectly)

On the way to the round pen we did a few circles and changes of direction and opened all the gates. woohoo for a superstar pony!

Once in the round pen I dropped the reins and got a nice trot, and I just worked on my seat for quite some time.  Even with the wind howling through the valley and the fact that I haven't ridden in two months, she was slow and calm responsive and wonderful.  I love my horse, seriously.  So I worked in the round pen for about half an hour, mostly focusing on how soft and centered I could make my body, trying to really engage my core and moving as little as possible on top of her.  She gave me the cutest and slowest little jog that made it super easy.  I asked for a few laps of lope (to the right, her easier side given the muscle problem) and after that she was fairly more woken up, so it took more work to get her to quiet down in the trot but overall considering how she used to be, she was sooo bombproof! 

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