Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Snap Back to Reality

Oh! there goes gravity.

Brownie points to you if you get my reference.

I rode Talli today.

She's my trainers new lesson horse, and she is the funniest horse ever.  Shes a quarter/American showhorse cross so she's like kinda super araby.  She walks around like a giraffe, and she has one normal eye, and one eye that is literally half the size of the other one so its completely surrounded by white.  And she always walks around with her ears cocked funny so she always just looks SO FUNNY.

normal eye
Crazy eye
However, she's really a cool horse.  She's got some nice training in her (nothing crazy fancy, but she's a solidly trained ranch horse) She'll stop, rollback, spin etc. However, I like her because she handles a lot like Pony.  But overall she's kinda spazzy on the ground, but super calm under saddle. She's gonna make a good beginner lesson horse! The first week my trainer owned her we took her swimming, walked through a campground bareback in a halter....I'd call that a pretty solid horse.

She cracks me up though, she lives with Pony and has suddenly became Pony's BFF.  Talli freaks out when she's not with Pony.  Which is why she's kinda spazzy on the ground.  She'll scream for Pony, and when she's tied up she's just kinda antsy.  But still, nothing crazy at all.  But its so funny because Pony doesn't really care about Talli all that much....I guess its unrequited love.

Talli was away for the weekend camping, and when she came home she ran up to her friends like 'Hey guys! I'm back!' and they all looked at her like 'Oh, we thought you died.'

And then Pony was in the middle of their area sniffing out any food remnants and Talli kept trying to come over to Pony, and Pebbles was chasing Talli off everytime she got close.  Of course Pony is head down, completely unaware of any activity around her.  So funny.

So yeah, I rode Talli today and it was fun.  She's a cool horse.  I timed my two point today and I'm up to 2.08.22! Yay! I rode her English, and I'm not sure if she's ever been ridden english before, but she was good! A little confused as to why the saddle was so small...but gave me no grief!

Easy ride, we just did an easy walk/trot/lope (or should I say canter since we rode english....?)

This weekend I am participating in a groundwork half day clinic with a cowboy from one of the large cattle ranches around here...its a roping clinic! It's the only one he's done for beginners and I'm so happy to be able to participate.  Next weekend I also get to participate in the full day clinic for live roping...I'm going to ride one of my trainers horses.  Stoked to be learning new skills!
'You call that a saddle? Your aware I'm not an english horse, riiiight?'


  1. Oh, there goes Rabbit, he choked/he's so mad, but he won't give up that/easy, no
    Cute horse

  2. Give up that easy nope, he won't have it, He knows, his whole back's to these ropes, It don't matter, he's dope He knows that, but he's broke
    Let us know about the clinic, sounds fun!

  3. ^^^^


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