Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Body Work

Friday Pony had a Chiropractor appt.  None of the vertebrae in her back were out of alignment, but her left hip was once again slightly out of alignment.  However, overall, the chiro said that from her perspective that Pony's back is much healthier now than it has been.

That tells me I am on the right track! However, I haven't been able to ride her pain free since then again maybe I'm not!

Saturday I had a massage therapist out. She also practices cold laser therapy.  Have you guys heard of that? It's like this little machine that had a laser that will penetrate deep tissue in places you otherwise might not be able to get.

So this massage therapist watched her walk and took note of the way she moved, etc. I had sent her videos previously, so she already knew what I was dealing with and how Pony moves.

She noticed that she was very stiff through her back end, and she also noticed another abnormality that she couldn't quite explain.  When Pony uses her left hind, she sort of squeezes her thigh and brings her leg in towards her body.  As if when walking we would squeeze one thigh shut and not the other.

This is where it gets weird.

Running across the muscle that she uses funny is a scar from when she sat down on a t post six years ago.  Obviously no one ever thought anything else about it, since she had this accident six years ago and has never had an off step since.  However, apparently it can work that way.  The masseuse told me that horses can absolutely have a problem like that and it seems like it comes on over night, but really it was slowly building in their muscle for years.  She suspects that this could be the root of all the problems I am having.

She found major muscle spasms in her neck, barrel and mainly her butt.  She was able to release muscle spasms in her butt that she said were definitely large enough to cripple her, no wonder she couldn't hold an adjustment!!

When the masseuse left she said she looked about 75 percent better, and recommended another appt in about three to four weeks.  The body work can be painful to the horse and therefor she didn't want to do too much and push Pony too far...

She also released the muscle fibres along her spine, she said that they were very tight.  She did the cold laser all along Pony's back and also in her inner thigh.  Heres the crazy soon as she put the laser on the thigh muscle, her entire butt twitched and relaxed, and then the entire area started RADIATING heat.  Like I'm talking the entire area was WAY hotter than the rest of her body.

She told me to go ahead and ride her the next day, but unfortunately she nixed all of my saddles.  So she said to just ride her bareback.

Okay, lemme jump on my crazy ass horse that will now feel really good and hasnt been worked in months and try to work her through her crazies.

Well, thats basically what I have been doing.  Rest assured that my thighs are KILLING me from hanging on while Pony gallops around the arena.  Luckily enough, she seems to honestly be feeling good! She is crazy, but seems like more of a feel good crazy.  She isn't bracey and doesn't seem to be giving me any of her pain responses.

So here's how I'm feeling.

I'm thinking that there was a series of unfortunate events that has led to these four/five months that she hasn't been rideable.  Partly, I think that I crippled her.

So I originally had the chiro out because I came home from vacation and she was completely sore and couldn't get her hind underneath her.

After the chiro she was great for a few weeks, then I took her swimming and she has been off since then, regardless of more chiro appts.

I think that by having the chiro out, I shifted her muscles into a different place, she felt good for a little while, and then I took her swimming, which while swimming I think it triggered her deeper muscles in her back. Then, I think that because her body had completely shifted and her muscles were asked to be used in different ways/places, that is what triggered this funny muscle in her thigh to suddenly not be as effective as it used to be, and that set off a chain reaction throughout her body and overall she ached.

So basically, thats what I am thinking happened.  One of those totally bizzare freak things.  So I am hunting for a saddle and currently (fingers crossed) I am thinking I have found the answer and she is on the mend.  I don't want to jinx myself though, please keep Pony (and my wallet) in your prayers!

Moral of the story? If you decide to have chiro work done, you should definitely consider doing massage work along with it.  And if your horse comes up sore, do not wait 5 months to get the massage work done.


  1. I definitely agree that chiro work and massage go hand in hand. Hope pony starts feeling much better soon!

  2. At this point I can only dream of having Chiro on my horses. LOL

  3. I miss your posts, I hope everything is ok.


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