Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Body Work

Friday Pony had a Chiropractor appt.  None of the vertebrae in her back were out of alignment, but her left hip was once again slightly out of alignment.  However, overall, the chiro said that from her perspective that Pony's back is much healthier now than it has been.

That tells me I am on the right track! However, I haven't been able to ride her pain free since then again maybe I'm not!

Saturday I had a massage therapist out. She also practices cold laser therapy.  Have you guys heard of that? It's like this little machine that had a laser that will penetrate deep tissue in places you otherwise might not be able to get.

So this massage therapist watched her walk and took note of the way she moved, etc. I had sent her videos previously, so she already knew what I was dealing with and how Pony moves.

She noticed that she was very stiff through her back end, and she also noticed another abnormality that she couldn't quite explain.  When Pony uses her left hind, she sort of squeezes her thigh and brings her leg in towards her body.  As if when walking we would squeeze one thigh shut and not the other.

This is where it gets weird.

Running across the muscle that she uses funny is a scar from when she sat down on a t post six years ago.  Obviously no one ever thought anything else about it, since she had this accident six years ago and has never had an off step since.  However, apparently it can work that way.  The masseuse told me that horses can absolutely have a problem like that and it seems like it comes on over night, but really it was slowly building in their muscle for years.  She suspects that this could be the root of all the problems I am having.

She found major muscle spasms in her neck, barrel and mainly her butt.  She was able to release muscle spasms in her butt that she said were definitely large enough to cripple her, no wonder she couldn't hold an adjustment!!

When the masseuse left she said she looked about 75 percent better, and recommended another appt in about three to four weeks.  The body work can be painful to the horse and therefor she didn't want to do too much and push Pony too far...

She also released the muscle fibres along her spine, she said that they were very tight.  She did the cold laser all along Pony's back and also in her inner thigh.  Heres the crazy soon as she put the laser on the thigh muscle, her entire butt twitched and relaxed, and then the entire area started RADIATING heat.  Like I'm talking the entire area was WAY hotter than the rest of her body.

She told me to go ahead and ride her the next day, but unfortunately she nixed all of my saddles.  So she said to just ride her bareback.

Okay, lemme jump on my crazy ass horse that will now feel really good and hasnt been worked in months and try to work her through her crazies.

Well, thats basically what I have been doing.  Rest assured that my thighs are KILLING me from hanging on while Pony gallops around the arena.  Luckily enough, she seems to honestly be feeling good! She is crazy, but seems like more of a feel good crazy.  She isn't bracey and doesn't seem to be giving me any of her pain responses.

So here's how I'm feeling.

I'm thinking that there was a series of unfortunate events that has led to these four/five months that she hasn't been rideable.  Partly, I think that I crippled her.

So I originally had the chiro out because I came home from vacation and she was completely sore and couldn't get her hind underneath her.

After the chiro she was great for a few weeks, then I took her swimming and she has been off since then, regardless of more chiro appts.

I think that by having the chiro out, I shifted her muscles into a different place, she felt good for a little while, and then I took her swimming, which while swimming I think it triggered her deeper muscles in her back. Then, I think that because her body had completely shifted and her muscles were asked to be used in different ways/places, that is what triggered this funny muscle in her thigh to suddenly not be as effective as it used to be, and that set off a chain reaction throughout her body and overall she ached.

So basically, thats what I am thinking happened.  One of those totally bizzare freak things.  So I am hunting for a saddle and currently (fingers crossed) I am thinking I have found the answer and she is on the mend.  I don't want to jinx myself though, please keep Pony (and my wallet) in your prayers!

Moral of the story? If you decide to have chiro work done, you should definitely consider doing massage work along with it.  And if your horse comes up sore, do not wait 5 months to get the massage work done.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Snap Back to Reality

Oh! there goes gravity.

Brownie points to you if you get my reference.

I rode Talli today.

She's my trainers new lesson horse, and she is the funniest horse ever.  Shes a quarter/American showhorse cross so she's like kinda super araby.  She walks around like a giraffe, and she has one normal eye, and one eye that is literally half the size of the other one so its completely surrounded by white.  And she always walks around with her ears cocked funny so she always just looks SO FUNNY.

normal eye
Crazy eye
However, she's really a cool horse.  She's got some nice training in her (nothing crazy fancy, but she's a solidly trained ranch horse) She'll stop, rollback, spin etc. However, I like her because she handles a lot like Pony.  But overall she's kinda spazzy on the ground, but super calm under saddle. She's gonna make a good beginner lesson horse! The first week my trainer owned her we took her swimming, walked through a campground bareback in a halter....I'd call that a pretty solid horse.

She cracks me up though, she lives with Pony and has suddenly became Pony's BFF.  Talli freaks out when she's not with Pony.  Which is why she's kinda spazzy on the ground.  She'll scream for Pony, and when she's tied up she's just kinda antsy.  But still, nothing crazy at all.  But its so funny because Pony doesn't really care about Talli all that much....I guess its unrequited love.

Talli was away for the weekend camping, and when she came home she ran up to her friends like 'Hey guys! I'm back!' and they all looked at her like 'Oh, we thought you died.'

And then Pony was in the middle of their area sniffing out any food remnants and Talli kept trying to come over to Pony, and Pebbles was chasing Talli off everytime she got close.  Of course Pony is head down, completely unaware of any activity around her.  So funny.

So yeah, I rode Talli today and it was fun.  She's a cool horse.  I timed my two point today and I'm up to 2.08.22! Yay! I rode her English, and I'm not sure if she's ever been ridden english before, but she was good! A little confused as to why the saddle was so small...but gave me no grief!

Easy ride, we just did an easy walk/trot/lope (or should I say canter since we rode english....?)

This weekend I am participating in a groundwork half day clinic with a cowboy from one of the large cattle ranches around here...its a roping clinic! It's the only one he's done for beginners and I'm so happy to be able to participate.  Next weekend I also get to participate in the full day clinic for live roping...I'm going to ride one of my trainers horses.  Stoked to be learning new skills!
'You call that a saddle? Your aware I'm not an english horse, riiiight?'

Monday, October 14, 2013

Getting Over A Long Term Relationship

This post is completely un horse related.  Just an FYI.

In fact it's pretty personal.  On the horse front, I have a massage appointment and a chiro appt for Pony this weekend....wish us luck!

As I have mentioned on my blog before....I have a boyfriend.  Or had.  Definitely had.  

We broke up, less than a week ago, after three long years together.  In fact our three year anniversary would have been yesterday.  Really sucks, huh?

I am writing this blog entry to lend the advice that I have learned should anyone ever stumble across this entry in the right place at the right time.

Truth be told, I'm doing really well.  Honestly.  Surprising right? Well people, our relationship was never a picture perfect Nicholas Sparks movie.  It had its up and downs.  Lots of downs.  But we honestly loved each other and why give up on someone you love? So here I sit, three years later reminiscing about everything that I am feeling and have learned.  He was my first love, he was my only love.  I have been with him since I was fresh out of high school and 18 years old.  Guess what? I never would have started riding horses if I hadn't dated him.  I never would have found my Pony.  I never would have matured, and as stupid as it sounds, since it was a semi long distance relationship (I was only able to see him on the weekends, he lives about 40 miles away from me) I was able to figure out how to be alone while I was with him.  Therefor, I created a life for myself away from him and I figured out how to be happy alone and not just base your happiness on who your with. 

So although no one asked for advice, I'm giving it to you anyways.

1.  You are not responsible for other peoples happiness.
Your not.  You are responsible for yourself, and that is it.  I think that my ex is not a very happy person with himself, and how can he love me if he doesn't love himself? It finally got to the point where I wasn't enough of a distraction to not deal with himself.  
2. Change is scary.
It is.  But change would have been just as scary if I dealt with it when we first started having problems. Don't let your fear of an alternative change your decision of what you can do now.  What is it that is so scary about breaking up? Is it the fear of the pain your going to feel? Probably.  That and the lifestyle change your going to have to face.  But guess what? Change isn't always bad.
3. Its okay to feel how your feeling.
I honestly feel like I should be more upset.  But I'm not.  I feel slightly relieved.  Our relationship had been lacking what we needed for a long time, and now there is a weight of anxiety that is no longer there.  And guess what? Thats okay to feel.  It doesn't mean I didn't love him, and it doesn't mean that I was in some abusive relationship.  It just means that clearly, we are moving in the right direction, just without eachother.
4. Don't over think things.  
So I'm not uber upset. Does this mean that the hysterics and broken heart is going to hit me in a few weeks and I'm going to be a wreck? I don't know, and frankly I don't care.  Take things as they come. 
5. Take things a day at a time.
Don't think about 'the wedding that may never happen now' or the 'valentines day you'll have to spend alone' or the next six months single.  Think about how your going to make today the best day possible. And tomorrow, think about how its the best day you can make from it.  
6. Realize your freedom
Seriously.  Now that your not in a relationship you can take that semester of studying abroad, or you can take a road trip just for shits and giggles, and do whatever crazy things you want without needing to answer to anyone.  Just realizing that makes it seem slightly less shitty.
7. Imagine the possibilities.
As I stated, now you can do whatever crazy thing you want. You can travel, you can fall in love with the perfect boy in a foreign country.  You can marry a movie star.  Yeah, daydream.  It's good for your soul.
8. Give your horse a hug
Seriously.  But if your feeling shitty, don't ride.  That only makes things worse if you have a bad ride.
9. Do what feels right
Flirting is fun.  Don't overthink things yet again.  If something feels right, then do it.  Don't hold yourself back because it isn't the conventional what you should do when you break up with someone thing to do.  Honestly, do what feels right.  Have that friend that you always had chemistry with but you were too busy dating someone for three years? Hit him up and get dinner, that doesn't make you a bad girlfriend.
10. Cry on your moms shoulder
My family isn't very close.  Like, not about personal things.  Well guess what? I called my mom crying and it was the best decision I made.  My family has been sooooo supportive of me. 
11. Remove yourself from the situation.
Seriously.  I went to my exes facebook page the night of the breakup so that I could hide his posts from showing up on my newsfeed.  Guess what? He had already deleted me as a friend, as well as deleted me off of snapchat, and blocked me on instagram.  He handled it really shittily, but the effect was the same.  I didn't even have the option of looking up what he was doing, and it has made it so much easier.  Your broken up, and its over.  As much as you might want to see if he's out with his friends at the bar, it'll only make you feel shittier.  I know because I had one friend that posted pictures of them out, and it made me realize that not being able to see his profile made it out of sight and out of mind and that was much nicer on me.  Moving on takes time, and unfortunately that's shitty because there isn't any hack for making time pass faster, you just have to wait it out.  However, waiting it out while not knowing what he is up to makes it easier. Because honestly, you can't 'resist the temptation' to check on his page. It's impossible.
12. Immerse yourself in things you love.
Turns out theres a roping clinic this weekend and next weekend that I get to participate in! And there I go, immersing myself in things that I enjoy and things that are social and I can do without thinking about how I'm single.  Go out with friends.  Ride your Ponies.  Go to the pumpkin patch.  Hit up old friends. Make new friends.  The busier you are, the more you get to realize that life goes on with or without him in your life.
13. There is someone else out there for you. 
Seriously.  You will not die alone because this is the only man that you are ever supposed to be with.  True story.  You will move on, and you will find another to love.

Breakups suck.  Theres no getting around it.  But there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with a breakup.  Don't let the breakup rule your life. You decide how you life your life, and you are solely responsible for yourself and your happiness. No one else is responsible for your happiness.  Remember that.

Hopefully someone else can find solace in what it took me three years of an up and down relationship to learn.