Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wounds wounds everywhere

So Ponys wounds are looking better. Here is her leg this morning (day three) 

This was after I cleaned it. 

And here is her belly today. (I guess it is also day three)

So the belly still looks pretty nasty. But I'm thinking it actually is much goopy yellow today unlike two days ago...and no more ooze from it either. So I'm thinking it is healing from the inside out. For reference, here was the belly two days ago 

I think it's slightly less concaved now, it's less of a gaping hole. 

Pony says 'I'm sorry I hurt myself, I'll try not to do it again'

However, I did in fact jump on her today, and rode her for about 15 minutes total (I want to keep that blood circulating to heal it!) my friend said she looked slightly 'bouncy' on that leg but she was moving nicely. 

I asked her for a lope and she did a left lead (the one I was having chiropractic problems with) and picked up the correct lead with no problem and it didn't feel crazed or frazzled.... So we do have some small victories!

FYI, I tried to post this Thursday but blogger sucks....we have a little schooling show at the barn today, So excited!

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