Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why Do We Blog?

I began a blog really to reach out into the horse world and connect with other people.

I wanted to share my ideas.

I wanted to get new ideas.

I wanted to share my stories and cool things with anyone who felt like listening.

I wanted to learn how to do new things I had never even thought of trying before.

One reason I did not start a blog was to feel beat down by people that read my blog.

If you don't have anything nice to say than don't say anything at all.

Each and every one of us has blogs about our horses because we care about our horses and do what we think is best for them.

Everything I do with my Pony, I try to do for her own good.

Sometimes, it takes a matter of choosing between two less than stellar options.

Yes, Pony has been back sore.  She has been having god knows what problems...but I am on my own path to finding them, and theres only so much I can do right now.

I still believe her back soreness is stemming from chiropractor issues...

However, I unfortunately made the mistake of changing two things with her, which resulted in back soreness again.

Everyone has different opinions about what is best for horses bodies.

I think that bareback riding is no worse for a horses back for short amounts of time.

Last weekend I was faced with the option of A) Unsaddle and end my ride with her being a completely spazzed and freaked out giraffe who was completely crazed or B) ride her bareback and end our ride with a calm and happy Pony.  I chose option B because at the time it was what I thought was best for my horse.

If my horse cannot hold my weight bareback for ten minutes, then I think that she has some other problems going on that I need to figure out, any healthy horse can be ridden bareback for short amounts of time.

I don't blog to hear that I am doing something wrong or detrimental to my beloved horse.

Why do you blog?


  1. The problem with judging people over the internet is that you're only getting a tiny portion of the story. You know your horse, and you listen to your horse, so you're in the best position to judge.
    I started my blog as procrastination, but I keep it going because I enjoy writing :)

    1. That's so true... unless I am asking for advice on something, I usually don't include every tidbit of information simply because it would be SO DULL to everyone reading!

  2. I wish your blog was around about five years ago. The horse blogging community was very supportive. There has definitely been a trend in recent years to only leave comments when you disagree with someone or want to criticize them. I hardly get comments anymore on my blog, but I keep blogging because I love writing, taking pictures, and learning from horses. I am one of those who is guilty of not leaving comments often, but it doesn't mean anything other than that I am brain dead most days and don't know what to say.

    1. Teehee, I'm really bad about leaving comments too, but I read almost every single post the people I follow write. I have had times when I have seen a post I don't agree with, but I have bit my tongue because me posting a less than supportive comment isn't going to help anyone!

  3. I think you (people on the internet) should think how it would be, if your were in the other persons shoes. But, most of all, it's not your horse so you truly don't know the situation. I think if you are going to give advice, give it as a suggestion. And don't be mad if the person doesn't agree. There are many ways to take care of a horse and I don't think there is "the one way" you have to do it.
    I blog, because I want to share the experiences I have with my horse and to learn from other people in the horse world. Thank you Marissa for taking the time to share about Pony. I appreciate it. =)

    1. Thanks! I agree, I have given out constructive criticism before, but I try to make sure it's best for whoever I'm giving it to....sometimes even if I have something I want to say, I bite my tongue since the person receiving it may not care what I have to say, or want to hear it, even if I am honestly saying it with the best intentions!

      It's so hard on the internet (just like how its hard with texting) to know how another person is coming across, which is why I am careful with how I say things!

  4. I want to apologize. I think my last comment must have come off as judgemental. That was not at all my intention.

    To answer your question, I blog and read blogs because it gives me a chance to connect with more people and horses than I could in real life. I like to read other people's blogs because doing so gives me a broader view of horses and training than I could get on my own. In short, I blog to learn.

    You are right. I don't know your whole situation. I never meant to imply that I have a more thorough understanding of your horse's health and happiness than you do, or even to say I thought you'd made a mistake. I meant the part where I said I think you do a great job.

    I once made a sore horse worse by riding it bareback. I only thought I might be able to share what I learned from that in a way that might be useful for you. Clearly, I did it wrong.

    In the timeless words of one who has put her nose where it was neither needed nor wanted: I'm sorry. I was only trying to help.

    1. Thank you, I really do appreciate that. I do get that you meant to help, but I was just so beyond frustrated at that point I took it badly. Have you ever had a horse be mysteriously lame for months at a time? I bet you've endured some form of that, and it seriously sucks, and it's been hard to blog because it's constantly 'Okay, nothings changed, cool.' and I am so irritated with myself for not knowing what's wrong and with my Pony for not being able to tell me whats wrong, and with everyone ever for not being able to give me any answers.

    2. Yeah, I can see my timing was not the best. :[

      I have indeed had several horses that have been lame for long periods of time for no discernable reason. These situations are actually what I consider the most difficult and draining part of owning horses. The only thing you can really do is try different things, eliminate causes through trial and error, and hope you can isolate the problem.

      So, in short, you're already doing everything right. I hope it pays off and things turn around for you and Pony soon. I wish I could do something more material to help.

  5. It is hard, there are no emotions in writing a comment and I know I have probly said things that come across not the way i mean them, even in real I get people offended by just talking! But the way I read comments is they are an opinion and if we dont want opinions why do we want comments? I feel bad for you and Pony and her lameness, it sucks! I really do hope you can find something that works for both of you.
    I started blogging cause I wanted somewhere to keep track of my riding and my life, in a way I use it as a scrapbook, although this summer I been kinda lax I am trying to get back into it.

  6. I think at one time or another we have all commented and came off sounding other than how we meant. I know I have more than once.
    I also think that there are some certain people who only want to comment when they can put the writer down....although I find that to be less true in horse blogs than anything else I have ever read. I believe there is a true camaraderie and compassion among most horse bloggers, or at least that has been my experience thus far.

    I don't comment as much as I used too. Mostly due to lack of time these days....but I read as often as I can, I generally try to leave even a short sentence to let the blogger know I was there.

    I started blogging initially to document Danny's progress, and then a separate blog to track my progress as a horsewoman. It has turned into so much more than that, as I learn so much from Equine bloggers and have met some really neat you!

  7. I initially started blogging to keep track of my progress with Shy. Then I found a few other Halfinger blogs. Then I found other horse blogs. So now I blog to continue to keep track of what we are doing and share stories about Shy. I also enjoy reading about people and their horses.
    When I comment, I try to be as positive as possible and not put anyone down, because not being there myself, I can't see the whole situation. Sometimes as a writer, I know I am unable to capture the whole essence of every situation I write about, so I try to keep that in mind when I read others blogs.
    Keep up the good work, it seems that you are doing everything you can for Pony. :)


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