Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In which I eat my words

No sooner than I told you all that I swear my horse isn't high maintenence, I went out to the barn to check her belly again, what do I find?

A bloody mess of a leg. 

My trainer wasn't out so I texted her pictures and called her and went to find BO. Trainer called back and said she would call the vet and send her out, she thought it needed stitches. 

So I hosed it off a little and waited for the vet to call and cried hysterically to my mom on the phone. 

I mean, why does this happen to me!!!!

So my trainer called me back and said she called four different vets and there weren't any that could come out tonight, and she wouldn't deem it an 'emergency' to call the emergency line and pay extra for an emergency call. 

So I was going to wrap it to keep it moist and get it cleaned up and the vet would call me to come out and stitch tomorrow morning. 

I went to get BO and she came up to help me wrap it. She cleaned it up way more efficiently than I did. 

This is what it looked like after BO cleaned it up. 

She said that she honestly didn't think that it would hold stitches, and that it would heal up nicely without them. There's no flaps of flesh, it's just pulled apart so I can see how the stitches could just be ripped apart....

Anyways, trainers coming out tomorrow morning to look at it and see if she wants stitches or not. But it's a really clean cut, but SERIOUSLY HORSE?!?!?  

Pony says I'm sorry. 


  1. What a good girl for letting you get her all cleaned up and bandaged. I wonder what she caught her leg on.

    1. One of our ranch hands quit unexpectedly and people have been pitching in to help feed and such.... I saw a few days ago that someone had put all of the hay piles pretty much in a corner, and the only thing I can assume is that she got cornered while they fed....shes SO smart and so careful about where her body is, I can't see any other reason she would have gotten tangled in the fence....its hot wire around a third of her pen.

  2. Ah yes, the vagaries of horse keeping! Have I mentioned the Barb wire incident? No? Three days after I bought Gracie, I found her tangled in some ancient Barb wire left in next doors field. Question? How did she get into next doors field? Answer, she crashed through a wooden fence, then tangled herself in two coils of old wire. You are not alone! We could form a Horse Injury Stress Group! Lol! That wound is like the ones Gracie had, they heal in a while, no stitches required. Good luck, and dont think your on your own!

    1. oh no!!! Thats ridiculous! I know, I was thinking that we really need a group similar to AA...."hello, my name is marissa, and i have a glass horse."

  3. Oh Pony! What did you get yourself into????

    When Danny gashed his rear hock it looked very similar to that and was right on the joint, so stitches were impossible. What I did for him was clean the wound twice a day to start with. I used diluted betadine and a very soft brush, like a face brush. But I did scrub it hard enough to pull the scab off each time, and then rinsed well. After patting dry I added Natures Edge. I'm telling you that stuff is the BOMB! It has beeswax to keep the flies off, and then all kinds of natural healing agents as well. My biggest concern was him building up a bunch of proud flesh, but with that method he did not get any at all. You can hardly even see the scar. It literally closed up from the inside out, and from what my vets have told me, that is super important.

    Ok so you may already know all of this, but there is my 2 cents worth anyway.

    1. No, thank you!!! I have been very weary of developing proud flesh, and my trainer told me I need to make sure to scrub it when I change the bandage, but of course it makes me feel icky to think of scrubbing an open wound....even gently. But it does help to hear that its supposed to heal from the inside out, it makes so much more sense now!

  4. Ouch! Does not look too serious, I know putting honey on wounds heal real well and no proud flesh...or like my Magic horse last winter I used powdered sugar, lol seemed to work well and no proud flesh on her as well.


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