Monday, September 16, 2013

I swear she's not high maintenence

IIt really never ends with horses, does it? 

Good news : today pony has gone two days without bute and she isn't back sore. 

Bad news : she got a fly strike reaction/infection so I have been doctoring and not riding. POO!

Seriously. This horse has never had any problems ever, she just decided she's allowed to have some time off and be high Maintenence for once. 

I went out to see her on Thursday, and seriously overnight a huge lump popped up. 

So Friday I scraped the scab off, squeezed it to make sure it wasn't infected, (it just bled, no pus) put swat all over her belly and covered just the scab spot with desitin to keep it covered and gave her bute. 

Can we look at how fat my horse looks from this angle? Please, feel free to laugh at her expensive, I've earned that with her high maintenenceishness. 

Saturday, I cleaned it up with some Betadine and then it started pussing a little. I did a warm water compress and after that I was able to squeeze it and have a stream of pus come out. Finally, when it was all out I put swat all over her belly and covered the spot itself with neosporin  

Saturday after I squeezed and cleaned and applied antibiotic. That's what the yellow goop is. 

I couldn't come out Sunday, but this morning I went out and first saw that the swelling had gone down massive amounts. Then, I noticed it looked like it had been lanced. 

I cleaned it up with some water to soften the dirt that had accumulated and then some Betadine to make sure the wound was clean, and then I saw it was basically a gaping open flesh wound on her belly. So nasty. She must have gotten down to roll and scratched her belly until the abscess blew. 

This is what it looked like today after I cleaned it and the abscess blew. Nasty huh? 

So I'm going to go out again to wash and reapply neosporin. I think it's going to be absolutely fine as long as I keep it clean and the flies off of it. 

If anyone comments and says its pigeon fever I'm going to virtually punch you in the face. 

I posted this picture ^ on Facebook late last week and had a bunch of know it all friends comment and say it was pigeon fever in really bitchy ass ways that made me super angry and inferred that I know nothing and don't take care of my horse. 

Let's be honest, I am one of the most observant people and nothing happens to pony that I don't notice. 

Point of my story about pf? Pony has a history of getting a swollen fly strike infection there, but it's usually swollen for a few days and goes away, it's never ruptured like this before. However, I don't think it's pigeon fever. Other than the obvious flesh wound, she is very healthy, alert, no fever, not dehydrated. She doesn't look like a sick horse. 

Obviously it could be pigeon fever. Which is why I am obviously keeping an eye on it, and if it doesn't get better ill call the vet, but I'm not going to pay for a ranch call when they're going to tell me to keep it clean and flys off of it. 

But in my opinion even though its now a gaping flesh wound, I think it's much healthier, all of the infected dead skin and flesh is gone, leaving healthy skin, so it's just a matter of keeping it clean!

Poor girl


  1. I got those kind of comments from someone when my mare had developed a boil under her chin in reaction to a mozzie bite. 'She's got strangles, she's got strangles!' No, she doesn't, mind your own business.
    I hope your one gets better soon!

    1. Oh as for that person, I un-friended them on FB. HAHAHAHA

    2. Hahahah, I am SO glad you feel my pain. It made me so angry, I mean, obviously I'm not ruling anything out but I'm not going to jump to a rash conclusion, start rumors and freak out over a small abscess!

  2. Looks like you're doing all the right things. Even if it was pigeon fever. :)

    My old appy mare had pigeon fever 5 years ago, and all the vet did was lance it. She healed up just fine but she was feeling pretty bad for a while. It was much grosser than what pony has going on.

    You said fly strike and I was thinking maggots. We had to put a dog down recently because he was so far gone with fly strike, he'd gone septic. Really sad. He was a sweetie.

    1. See, I thought PF was slightly more severe to deal with, but then I have also recently heard that there are many varying degrees of it....

      I was happy because the Barn Owner saw it yesterday and she said that even if it was PF she would keep it clean and give them vitamin c to help boost their immune, not call a vet until it was much worse, so i'm glad to hear you guys think its not the worst thing ever at this point also!

  3. Replies
    1. Welcome to my blog! She had a bad reaction to fly strike...nothing too serious, I don't think it was pigeon fever...she is definitely on the mend now!


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