Thursday, August 1, 2013

We took the ponies swimming!

Seriously.  So much fun! Turns out theres a lake about half an hour from the barn that has horse access to swim with horses in it!

We took Pony, Chief and Tally there to swim.  It was fun because you had to park and walk through a campground to get down to the rivery lake access.  While walking bareback and in halters through this campground we realized that we have awesome trail trial horses! This is like, exactly what trail trials are all about hahaha.  There were screaming kids and flapping tents and walking on pavement.

Pony wouldn't step on any of the painting in the road.  She took big steps over or around it all haha, so cute.  She had one small freakout moment when I went to walk her up a sidewalk, but it had those bumpy yellow mat things that are on crosswalks and stuff, and she didn't realize it until she had already almost stepped onto it.  She realized she had no clue what it was and turned away from it, but she turned straight into another one of them! It was hilarious.

How many of you have swam with horses before? Pony was a champ and got into the water like nobody's business.  It was basically a river coming off of the lake, and it was all rocky with a deeper channel that they could actually swim through.  Chief wasn't so thrilled about being in the water, and Tally immediately decided that Pony was her new best friend.

Anyways, turns out that when a horse is actually swimming, it's really hard to stay on their backs! You kinda just have to grab mane and hold on for dear life! I fell off once, it was hilarious because Pony went from swimming to finding the embankment with her front feet and left her back feet dangling in the deep water for a second until they found the embankment as well.  So, her front end went up so fast that I slid right down her butt and off the side hahaha.

Turns out they get super slippery as well.  since their fur gets slippery and wet, it makes you slide backwards on their back, but then since its wet, its really hard to slide yourself forwards against the fur to get where you should be!

Anyways, it was a totally awesome day!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Looks like the horses had fun too.

  2. That looks like a blast! Love your new header pic too!


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