Friday, August 16, 2013

The Days Have Escaped From Me

Don't we all feel that way?

How is the summer almost over? I start school today.  That sucks!

Also, in life updates....I quit my job.  About a month ago.  It was due to life changes in the family I was working for, and scheduling changes.  Good news, is that I have found a new job.  Bad news, is that it  starts in about two weeks, and then since I wont get paid for two weeks after that, it'll be about a month from now before I get paid.  So, I am so broke that I am literally rationing my barn trips to save gas money so that I have gas to get through the next month!

Pony is doing better, her back soreness is being improved every day.  She is picking up her leads in the round pen, I've only gotten on her once in the past two weeks or so, and it was in the round pen bareback.  She lunged fine, but then as soon as I got on her, asking her for the right lope she does this thing when she turns around and pins her ears and nips at me.  My trainer came to watch, and she said she thinks that it's a learned response since she she was hurting so bad after swimming.  So I pushed her through it, let her see it didn't hurt, and got off.

I am just at my wits end with her! Why is she sore? What can I do to help her? What exactly hurts? Who can I call?!

I mean jeez Pony!

In other news, Kadin got retired.

I love that old man horse.  He packed kids around like a protector.  He took me to gymkhanas and did everything I asked for.  I knew that spring stampede would be our last gymkhana.  His age really started to show this summer.  He slowed down a lot, and really showed his displeasure at being made to work.

However, somehow, he got the best retirement home a horse could possibly ever ask for.  Seriously.  Somehow, this situation just fell into my trainers hands, and it worked out perfectly.  She trailered him about three hours north last week to take him to his new home.  It is a beautiful ranch with ten acres of irrigated pasture, two other horses, and a 7 year old girl that loves him beyond repair.  The mother has showered us with pictures of her loving on Kadin.  There are two other horses.  A 4 year old mare and a older gelding.  Kadin has taken on his mare and won't let the gelding near her.  Kadin does not stand up for himself whatsoever, and I am so happy to hear that he is now! I think he is truly enjoying himself there. Nothing could make me happier, and I know no horse that could deserve this wonderful forever home more than him.

Funnily enough, a woman at the barn asked me to ride Toby since I have had a lot of time and she can't get out during the week.  Toby is Kadin's slightly younger 'brother'.  (Kadin is 24ish, Toby is 20ish)

The woman, M, got both horses about ten years ago when a dude string went out of business and sold their string.  M and her family weren't horse people, and since they had visited the dude string a few times, they decided to just take the plunge and get two horses!

I honestly have truly enjoyed riding Toby.  I'm not quite sure why this surprises me so much.  He is like, the exact same as Kadin! And, has the smoothest most rocking horse gaits.  Such a joy to ride bareback :)

Anyways, overall I am frustrated with Pony but loving the horsie life regardless.... Pony and I are doing great relationship wise :)

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