Monday, August 19, 2013

How Awesome Is This?

Pony is still sore.  But we did take a nice bareback gallop up the hill in the pasture... then I got off and walked back down with her since the going downhill is tougher on her. So no idea what to do with her still!!

Anyways, I got a new car for my 21st birthday! It is awesome :) 

I wanted a 'horsie' sticker to put on the back of it.

However, what sticker should I get?! There are so many options out there on the internet....barrel racers, horseshoes, horses, reiners, jumpers, dressage riders.... anything you could long as it pertains to something specific. 

I don't have anything that is specific in my riding.  I ride english, I ride western, I ride bareback.  I do gymkhanas... at a low level.  I don't show, and I don't want a 'cowgirl up' sticker plastered on my car.  

So I decided to get a sticker custom made JUST for me :)

Does anyone remember this picture?

How cool is it translated onto my car?

I love it!!!!

The person I got it from is on Etsy, her store is here, if anyone else has a sticker they want made!


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