Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tomorrow Begins

Marissa and Pony boot camp.

Me and Pony have a lot in common right now.

1) We're fat.

2) We're out of shape.

3) Neither of us have a job

4) We've had lots of time off

I rode yesterday, and I could barely drag my fat ass out of the saddle into two point.

In case you didn't know, two months off of riding will really make those muscles go flabby.  Since Pony's mysterious offness has been cured by the chiropractor (I officially fully advocate Equine Chiropractors, assuming you get referrals and get a trustworthy one) she is feeling good, and I can start riding her again.

I rode yesterday, and she feels so dang good.  She's got her left lead back, and it is smooth as butter.  I suppose having restricted movement in your hip will really throw you off canter! (Teehee, I'm punny)

Due to schedules changing, I am currently unemployed (life of a nanny!) so while I am on the job search, it will be whipping me and my pony back into shape time.

Does anyone have any good advice on a good regime to stick to? Basically, she is literally the energizer bunny and I get worn out before she does, but she forsurely needs to lose some weight, but hey, I'd rather have an easy keeper than a hard keeper! (go mustangs!) I'd like to have a base and continue to build each day.

In other news, I'm getting a saddle to try (english) from a friend of my moms (aka, I can borrow it for free for as long as I want) and I am crossing my fingers that it fits my fat hard to fit pony.  Seriously, she isn't fitting in any saddle (except for the expensive sentimental western saddle that she doesn't prefer to go in).  Her english saddle gets tight on the shoulders and then bridges the back a little, my moms friends saddle is what she used on her thoroughbreds, so she thinks its probably pretty narrow.  I've tried going wider on Pony, and I think that narrower is the way to go, wider does nothing but make it even tighter on her shoulders.  She loves being ridden english so I KNOW we will be on the path to success if I can find her a saddle that feels good for her!

Originally there were a few jumping shows at the end of the summer that I really wanted to spend the summer working towards, but with all the lameness and tack problems, I don't know if thats going to be a viable option, but we'll see how we feel a month from now!

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