Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pony Boot Camp Day Three

English Tack, New Saddle, Ride time is 1 hour

This was the day that I was able to borrow my moms friends saddle, to see how it fit her.  I tacked her up, and went to ride, and she felt great.  I think she does much better with the noseband bridle.

She was feeling really good, but then I kept thinking that the saddle seemed too far back.  So, I moved the saddle into proper placement, and she didn't feel quite as good.

Then, I realized, have I been putting an english saddle too far forward this whole time, and thats where my saddle fit problems are coming from? I'm obviously used to tacking up western, which the saddle is much further forward than it should be english.  I noticed a slight difference in her left lead lope, which makes me think that possibly she needs a follow up with the chiropractor.

When we loped with the saddle further back, it was seriously wonderful.  Smooth as butter.  Once I moved it up though, my seat was harder to control, and she wasn't quite as responsive.  After our ride, she had even sweat marks, so I hosed her off (it was 95 degrees!) and let her in the arena.  She marathon rolled (as always!) and then ran around quite a bit.  After she finally came down, I worked with her a little at liberty.  She still will not walk up to me, but as long as I am walking towards her, she will walk towards me.  I see that as confidence lacking, which is already one of my goals to be working towards.  She followed me except for a short period when she went back to the gate, but for the most part she was good at following me around.

I brushed her, and went to put her away.  There is a stretch from the tack area to her pen that is right in front of the barn where she gets super rude.  She doesn't necessarily mean to, but she just picks up the pace walking and gets faster than me.  We have been working on it, but this day she was much better about it.  I walked super slow, and she was focused on my feet, she wouldn't move a foot unless my foot was moving as well.

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