Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pony Boot Camp Day 2

Friday July 19th.
English tack, 45 minutes ride time.

- 1 lap each direction walked
- 1 lap each direction extended trot
- 1 lap each direction walking in two point
- 1 lap each direction sitting trot
- 1 lap and a few circles on each end loping

Of course I did some trot after the lope, and some walk in between and such.

Here is what I wrote in my journal

'She was much calmer and slower today.  We also had the arena to ourselves which makes a difference. It was easier to get a sitting trot if I did an extended trot first.  The first few circles of lope were quick, but she quickly slowed herself down and calmed down.  She was slightly better at the trot after we loped (usually she anticipates loping again and gets super fast in her trot after we lope once) '

It was nice to see that after only a day of some focused work how she was responding nicely.

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