Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Flexion Test

So today I went out to the barn (in 104 degree temperature) and ran around with my Pony.

I sat down afterwards and thought I was going to die.  Why is it so difficult to do things when its so hot? I really prefer humidity when it's hot, I personally think that a dry heat is way worse, but I know barely anyone in the world feels that way haha.

So, I was alone and didn't feel like waiting around for my trainer, so I did the flexion test by myself.  I set up my phone recording on the table, walked past it, lifted the legs, waited, then trotted her out.  The first time she had no idea what I was asking of her, and I ended up with rope burn on my hand.  OUCH.

Learned my lesson there!

Anyways, what I have to show you is her hind flexion.  I wish I had gotten more of her trotting, but oh well, this is what I have.

You can skip to 1:07 to watch her RH trotting out, and skip to 2:03 to see her LH trotting out.  At first, I didn't see anything, but now watching it again, I'm seeing some lameness in the LH.  Remember, I've been having some problems with the left hind.  However, she had a lot of back pain on her right side, and she loved it when I massaged in front of her hip on the flank on the left side.

So, while I do see a little lameness, I still don't think thats the problem I've been having.  I figured if it is something that has been causing her problems, the flexion test would make it way obvious.  We watched her move from the back, and neither of us saw any difference in the hips when she walked or trotted.  However, if she has a vertabrae out, then that wouldn't be obvious in the hips, but could still cause her problems.

So I have officially emailed the chiropractor, and I cannot wait to have her out.  Let me know if you guys are drawing any conclusions that I haven't though about yet. I just can't seem to see any other options of what this mysterious 'offness' could be, since there is absolutely NO lameness.  I read online that someone that had super similar problems ended up their horse had a neuro problem similar to wobblers... I did a neuro test on her and she doesn't have any problems there.

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