Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cute English pony

I turned in a bunch of coins to coinstar a few weeks ago, and rather than get cash (they take out 10%) I chose to get money for amazon (they don't take a percentage). I figured that way I could get lots of horsey things! 

I found a bridle I really liked, an English one. It was only 40 dollars, so I didn't have very high hopes for it being very soft leather. The brand is gatsby. 

I got it, and couldn't wait to try it on pony!  The leather was actually pretty impressive. It's not exactly buttery soft, but it definitely doesn't feel or look cheap. It's got a pretty stitched browband and noseband.  It's dark leather, and I ordered pony sized. They offered cob, pony, horse and oversized. Usually horse sized are too big and I have to punch more holes and it ends up looking raggedy with long tails out of every place. However, the pony sized wouldn't have fit if it had been even a centimeter smaller! I had to punch a hole to drop the bit a little more, but other than that, it's JUUUST perfect. 

Heaven forbid I ever have to put it on a different horse though. The one thing I don't like is that the reins are somewhat short. I'm wondering if they are pony length reins since its a pony sized bridle....

Or maybe I'm just used to riding with long reins!

Anyways, pony looks AWESOME in it. While I was waiting for my trainer to show up (I wanted her to look at it before I ripped off the tag) I was bored and I braided her mane. Anyways, she ended up looking super legit English Pony, it was sooo cute! 

Now I just need to shave her ears and whiskers and feathers and bang her tail and pull her mane....

Haha just kidding, over my dead body will anyone shave her feathers or pull her mane!


  1. Now! If you had`nt said, I would have thought that Pony was in England!! Ready for a Pony Club Gala!

  2. Cute! She looks good :) I am a big fan of feather keeping and long manes, glad you are going to keep them!

    1. I love big feathers on a horse, obviously not all horses have them, but the ones that are lucky enough too, makes them look so darn cute!

  3. I just randomly came across your blog and this is the only post I've read so far. She looks adorable in the bridle!! :) I love the fact that you don't. Pull. Manes. Hallelujah. Some horses need it because they have bad manes, ya know, but I've spent going on a year now, trying to get my horse's awful mane to GROW! I do trim whiskers and ears though, not to an English standard, though..just to get them less...fuzzy. ;)

    1. Welcome to my blog!! It's funny, pony has this hideous beard that continually grows, i always got goat jokes, so I do trim that. However, show her a pair of clippers and she will be in the next county before you can blink. I do it with sicssors!

    2. Hahaha! My Quarter gets some pretty hairy fetlocks and ears, so I chop that hair off. Thankfully he's always been great with clippers..then again he's had a pretty...loud...life, so he oughta be! ;) I also trim his bridle path. Can't stand seeing his halter or bridle tugging at the hair. Looks uncomfortable. :P

  4. She's adorable! Good work getting her all straightened out with the chiro too. I'm happy to hear you're riding again.

    I wouldn't say she's fat - at least not to the point that I would be concerned about making her lose weight.

    And I love that you will be leaving her in her natural state. :)


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