Monday, July 15, 2013

Chiro work

Finally, Tuesday evening, the chiropractor was able to make it out. The barn was EMPTY since it was still 95 degrees at 7pm. She was super nice and had me walk out pony to show her the movement. 

She noticed off the bat that her left hip had restricted movement in it, and her tail was slightly set off to the left. She stood on a block thingy and pushed on her hip and back, Pony was a champ for it.

The chiro loved Pony, she thought she was adorable and actually ended up charging me a little less since Pony was well behaved and so small and easy. Makes me a proud horse momma :) (even though Pony was basically born with good manners, alllll on her own). 

It was cool, because she has a program where she puts in what was out, and it sends me an email with a follow up report and diagrams so I know where stuff was going on. She had a few vertabrae out, which was probably what was causing her back soreness. 

I came out the next day to ride, and while she still felt like she could be slightly sore (obviously, the muscles are all now being used differently) she picked up her left lead immediately and it was smooth as a baby's bottom. 

I'm going to include the diagrams I got sent, in case anyone is interested...

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