Monday, June 17, 2013


So, I went out to the ranch on Thursday with the intention of giving my pony a massage. 

I put her in the round pen and watched her move, and my trainer wanted to see it. She was moving better than she was before, but still not great. So, we watched her move and then my trainer had to go to the feed store and I decided to go with, so I put pony home. 

Then, when we got back, I pulled her out again (she was so confused!) and went to find somewhere to give her a massage. There was a tractor where we usually tack up, so I took her to the wash rack. It was super windy, and of course as soon as I tied her the tractor moved to where I was. So, I took her to the tack area, and there was wind and other horses and weird noises, and this little girl who was SO EXCITED to see pony. She kept like talking really loudly and squealing and pony was so strung out !

So I relocated to inside the barn (our arena is connected to a barn area, it's super nice and pretty much enclosed for the most part). Luckily it was quiet in there and I was able to rub down my pony in peace. The BO and my trainer were in there and talked to me while I worked on her and have me some tips. Pony wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but she eventually relaxed. Her favorites were doing carrot stretches, and back stretches. BO got her spot on the tummy that makes them hump up (I can get her to do it from the butt muscles, but not the stomach spot) and I have never seen a horse so high up. It almost looked like she was on tippy toes, and she looked so contented. 

Her favorite part though, was me doing cross fibering on her left side through the ribs. She turned and looked at me and her face looked all droopy and relaxed, it was the most contented she looked the entire time. 

Afterwards I put her back in the round pen to keep her walking since I didn't think it was smart to let her just stand once I got her muscles all soft. 

After a few laps, she stiffened up really badly and she was visibly lame on the right hind. (The left hind is what I had problems with) I kept her walking for about 20 minutes, and then she had to get her feet done. 

I didn't have time to get out again until today, and she seemed SO much better. Still definitely not 100 percent, but I think the massage did a LOT of good. She is no longer back sore, so I planned on walking her around bareback, since clearly getting her moving is the best thing for her. 

I took her to the round pen to watch her move, and the second I had taken off the rope, she was absolutely off like a bullet. She still had trouble picking up her left hind lead, but once she was better warmed up it was easier on her. Once she was in the round pen, she literally would not let me catch her, so I opened up the gate to the arena and let her run. She tore it up. She galloped around like I haven't seen her do in a while. The windy weather could have partially contributed to it, but I think that she was honestly feeling a lot better than she has in a while. 

So, while she still doesn't look perfect, I think that I am on the right track and clearly time off is not going to do her any good, getting her moving is the best! And obviously the massage and I need to get a chiro appt when I have the money !


  1. Oh so glad to hear she is feeling better! I like it when horses run just cause they want to :)

  2. I think that you are on the right track, and good for you for noticing and persevering even after the BO said, "Oh she's fine"

  3. Glad to hear she is doing better, too. I do stretches with Shy, she loves the tail pulls the best. She just leans right into them. Stretching, massage, and chiro work, as well as keeping her moving helped her out when she was having a hind end issue last summer. Keep up the good work with pony :)
    I also nominated you for the fun little Liebster Award. Check it out back at my blog :)


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