Thursday, May 2, 2013


I had a great ride today!

Me and Pony have been doing really good, which is obviously why I haven't been blogging about her much lately.  No news is good news, right?

Funnily enough, I really enjoy riding her english more than anything.  She really seems to enjoy it.  I just wish I had a saddle that fit her really well.

I rode western today, and it was a mustang day.  There were monsters in every corner (and a new mule that is unlike any species Pony knows) that kept staring her down from the outside of the arena.  So she was a little strung out, but I got a sittable trot from her, and that was good enough for me.  It wasn't quite her usual nice shuffle, but it was slow and sittable.

Then we moved on to some lope work.  She does really well in big circles, but once you point her all the way around the arena she picks up speed SO QUICKLY.  And of course, once your horse is doing a nice little in hand gallop, its really hard to seat check her, without getting behind the movement.  So obviously, I have realized that I don't lope the entire arena nearly as much as I should.

Actually, honestly, I don't lope nearly as much as I should at all! Usually its because Pony will be awesome at first, and then get a little crazy, so a lot of times I take the awesome and don't push it.  

So today we loped quite a bit, and funnily enough, going the entire arena is slower on her right lead, which is her worse lead.  Who knows, right?

For next ride, I need to work on her lope transitions.  They were really awesome, and then I didn't focus on them, and obviously they got less awesome.

Also, I was riding her with a longer stirrup, which is something I've been needing to do for a while.  In the old saddle (the one that didn't fit her, and also the one I rode in at spring stampede) the options for stirrup settings are far between, so the one I ride in is too short, but the next one longer is unreachable.  Since it's not my saddle, I'm not going to go punching holes in it, so I just ride with a shorter stirrup.

I really want to make sure I'm not relying too much on my stirrups, so I decided to lower them some, and it felt a lot better.  The toughest part was a posting trot with the longer stirrup.  My heel has a tendency to creep up on me when I post, and obivously this means that I wasn't posting efficiently if its tougher with a longer stirrup! So, that's that.

Being the doofus I am, I left the GPS app on in my pocket once I got back down and had to go run to catch a mule that broke its halter, and ended up walking all over the ranch.  I was on her up in pasture (top right) and then back down and to the 1, and then looped around (to the left) and to the other solid blue dot, which is when I noticed Mr. Muley running away and tied pony up to go get him. I made a few more laps after that just walking back and forth and running errands.  Which included doctoring a fiesty arab in pasture that has a massive chest wound.  It was healing well, until the flies came out and starting attacking it.  Some vetricyn and Swat and he looked much happier.
AVG speed of 1.7? Yup, that would be all the walking and standing around  I did! Also, I'm pretty sure I went up hills more than 108 ft.

After we rode in the arena, we went out in pasture and rode around a bit.  It's the first time I've been out in pasture with a saddle, probably since about a month after I started leasing her. (Psh, who needs tack?!) So, it was fun to go up and down some of the steeper hills I don't like going on bareback.  I have no problem with the up, but it is SO hard to not end up on her neck going down a steep hill bareback.  To stay off her neck, I end up digging my knees into her shoulders, which obviously doesn't help her any haha. What a good pony for putting up with me!

Big Beast Pony!

In other news, this is Piper.  Piper went home today! My trainer had him in training for 3 months.  Hes a MASSIVE warmblood (Hanoverian) and he was really cool.  It took 6 weeks of groundwork before my trainer got on him.  Not because he's young, or mean, or scared or anything.  He was an in your pocket puppy dog from the day he got there.  He was simply the most sensitive horse I have ever seen! Literally, brush him with the stiff brush and he would get upset.  It took 6 weeks of saddling him, and ground driving, and putting weight on him, before you could get on and have him be like 'oh, okay, your on my back, cool'.

He's going to be an eventer, and I bet he's going to be AWESOME at it! He's a REALLY cool horse, and I'm definitely sad to see him go.

But seriously, Holy Crap, do you see the difference in him and Pony? He is MASSIVE.

P.S. Check out Pony's butt muscle! Like, the line underneath her butt, where her leg starts.  I love that haha, chunky Pony! Also, she's standing with one leg cocked, which is why her butt looks all deformed lol.

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  1. Wow, look at you go! And she does have quit the nice bootay!
    Piper is massive, but the Pony is such a little cutie. I used to think massive was cool, but the older I get the more I like not having to work so hard to get up there.


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