Thursday, May 23, 2013

So Frustrated

So me and my friend were planning on trailering out and going on a trail ride on sunday.

I was super excited....

Until I hit a glitch in my plan...

The saddle that I use (western) is my trainers.  It's the only saddle that fits pony (turns out she's kinda high maintenence to fit) and it is a super expensive saddle. It was also the saddle that my trainer got proposed to with (engagement saddle instead of a ring....teehee how cute)

So, basically, my trainer said that while she doesn't mind me using it around the ranch and while I'm with her if we go trail riding or whatnot, she would kinda prefer if I found a different saddle to take off the ranch.  Which I understand, because it's a really irreplaceable saddle because of the sentimental value, and she doesn't want to put me in the position where something possibly happens and it's my fault.

Regardless, that leaves me with an english saddle that is uncomfortable and slips over ponies withers if I ride her a long time, and also slips back and I have no breast collar for it.  Or, bareback.

At this time, I'm not working very much and hours won't pick back up until august.  The money that I had previously saved has slowly dwindled away to nothing, and I can't really afford to buy a new saddle right now.

I would totally go bareback, but my friend said that she wouldn't feel comfortable if something happened to me....

I know that everyone has their own reasons and such....but I am SO FRUSTRATED!

Anyone have a spare saddle sitting around they want to send me...... I'll trade you a Crosby with a wide tree! Haha!


  1. I didn't have a saddle for quite a bit after I bought my mare and had to rely on using my barn owners saddle, so I totally get how you feel. It's a frustrating situation to be in.

    When you are able to get your own saddle, I suggest sticking to what you know will fit and then buying online. I've managed to buy three $$$ saddles for a fraction of the cost this way, two of which I sold for WAY more than I paid (craigslist for the win). Used is the way to go and the quality and cost may actually surprise you!

    If I still had a western saddle, I'd send it to you in a heartbeat!

  2. Oh shoot, I wish you were closer, I have an old saddle that I never use anymore, my butt is to big for it, lol. And I would totally let you have it!

    1. Really! What kind is it?! I think pony needs something with a pretty standard tree (like regular QH bars) when I'm not broke I will totally buy it from you! (Including shipping, obviously!)

    2. Its pretty narrow,probly reg bars, I have no idea how to measure. I have no idea on kind, just a cheap old saddle that was my first one. I rode a lot of miles in it though till I could afford what I really wanted. I will send you some pics in an email if you let me know your email address, mine is ccrazycrystal at gmail dot com. I tried finding it on the google + page but its just confusing!

  3. I hate that saddles are so expensive! And trust me, I know how frustrating it is not to have one. I just got one that will work short term until I can afford a much nicer one.


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