Thursday, May 9, 2013


Alright, I have a few pictures to share with you guys today, and tomorrow I will try and fill you in on how me and Pony have been this week. (Spoiler....we loped bareback and bridless in the roundpen.  I'm talking, stacy westfall chunk of mane naked loping..woohoo!)

This is one of the pictures that the professional took at Spring Stampede Gymkhana of me and Kadin.  I love it! and I am thinking I might buy it.  Theres a few more events that I'm waiting for him to upload the pictures from, so I want to see all of them before I decide which ones I want to buy. 

This is Promise.  Promise is boarded at my boyfriends property. She's 24, and hasn't been ridden in years (though I've been on her a few times...her owner is crazy and thats a whole other story) and she is literally the sweetest horse.  I caught her rolling and of course I went down and sat down with her.

If only I could get Pony to lay down around me!!

Have you ever seen a watermelon with this little rind? Crazy! I saved the rinds to give to Pony though, and she literally couldn't get enough! 

Watermelon stained lip! Pony lipstick :)

What a pig! 

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