Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dakota's Story

Hey purrrdy ladies, I'm Dakota and I am here to tell you a story.

For some reason my dad hasn't been riding me much lately, but he keeps coming out and petting me and feeding me.  Everytime he comes out, he's got some weird hard thing on his arm, they keep calling it a kast.  Maybe that's why he isn't riding me.

So, I thought I would get lots of treatz and cookiez and no work because dad stayed on the ground.  However theres a nice lady named G that rides me every week, she is nice but makes me sweat a lot.

And today, blondie rode me for the second time.  The first time she rode me, it was a lot of fun. 

Blondie has the nicest hands, and they never seem to touch my mouth.  I figured out I can string my body out instead of having to hold it all nice and purdy like dad makes me.  It was a lot of fun.  I started going faster and faster and faster, but it didn't seem to scare blondie.  

Today, she rode me again.  Since me going faster and faster didn't scare her, I figured I might as well be a good boy today and make sure to really listen to what she was saying.

We walked around a little, and then she squeezed my sides.  I figured I might as well make sure she knew what she was asking, so I kept walking.  I felt her on my sides again, and I figured maybe she wasn't being serious, because we were having so much fun walking.  Once she started kicking me, I figured maybe it would be easier to just go ahead and trot.  It was definitely much more effort to trot, so I decided to walk again.

Blondie squeezed my sides again, but I figured she still didn't seem sure about it, and I really like to walk.  Finally, I decided to make it easy on her and trot some.  It was really funny when she asked for my lope.  I saw someone laughing at blondie because she was nearly out of the saddle from kicking me so hard.  Finally, even though it was funny to see her having a tough time, she got a little irritating up there, so finally I gave in.

After that, I decided maybe our ride would be over faster if I was a good boy.  Plus, maybe then dad would get back on me and all these girls would go away.  So I was really nice to blondie soft hands up there, and did my pretty slow gaits and held my head nicely even though she wasn't pulling on me to do so.  Finally, she got off and groomed me and told me I'm pretty.

Which, lets be honest, I am pretty.

As much as dad says he doesn't like it when the girls braid my mane and put sparkly pink on me, he doesn't seem all that mad.  Actually, I think he thinks I look cute.

Secretly, I just want to be a rodeo queen horse.  I want to gallop around in pretty tack with flags and glitter and win ribbons.

All dad ever wants to do is play with cows, which I get really into and excited about, so I guess thats an okay life too.

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  1. Hi Dakota,
    You are quite handsome. I'm sorry those girls made you wear glitter though, it's not very manly for a boy horse such as yourself. But if you don't mind it then it is ok.
    Blondie is a very good rider and I am sure it was nice to have her up there with nice hands. It sounds like maybe you were being a little bit lazy, but Blondie does not accept laziness so I wouldn't bother trying that again.
    I'm glad you guys had fun.


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