Monday, May 20, 2013

Awesome half feral pony beast

Me and Pony have seriously turned a page in our riding.  It's a combination of the weather getting hot, my seat suddenly exploding with awesomeness, her getting used to me, and the biggest thing? Loping.  A lot.

She is no longer a crazy Pony.  She is now the Pony that will slowly (slow for a pony anyways) lope all the way around the arena.  She used to be great in a circle and would speed up around the long sides of the arena.  Not any more! She's gotten to the point where I am actually able to ask for speed! 

I walked her through cows the other day, and she didn't even break gait from a walk! Usually she'll try to take a few trot steps but come back down by herself.  

She's turning into such a good little pony!

The biggest difference I think is that I spend a lot more time loping.  Before, I would lope a circle or two each direction, and if she did good, we would stop.  Lately, I've been taking that good and asking for a little more! So much fun!

When I got to the barn a few days ago, she was laying down! I've seen her roll, but never lay down before.  Pebbles (aka demon mare) was watching over her.  How cute! The picture is tough to see, since I couldn't get close to her.  The wind was howling and by the time I got to her paddock, she didn't even know I was there but she was already getting up.  Also, ignore how disgusting the paddock in front of hers is, the guys that clean were making the rounds and were almost getting there, and like 5 horses share that space... I don't want you guys thinking our barn isn't clean!

Saturday was the local rodeo.  It's actually a pretty big thing, its a PRCA rodeo and I knew a few girls riding in the Grand Entry.  It's so beautiful, they have a huge hill, and the girls come trotting down it carrying flags, and then, once they have all done their rodeo run, you look back up to the hill and this beautiful horse comes galloping down it and does a rodeo run.  It's a tradition, and so beautiful!

Boyfriend came with me to the rodeo, and we had a nice day.  Afterwards, we went out to the barn and saw Pony for a few minutes since it was on the way home.  Since I had a camera man, which I never have, I took her in the round pen and Stacey Westfalled it. It was honestly SO MUCH FUN.  She's so responsive.  I don't know what it is though, I get nervous loping her bareback when I have reins, but on her naked, it's so easy and fun! I actually talked to Boyfriend while I was loping and said 'this feels sooo good!'.  Considering I started riding this crazy half feral mustang pony 7 months ago and would literally sit on my Pony almost crying over my anxiety about loping bareback, I'm gonna say we're doing pretty good!

I call this picture 'whoa damnit'.  Hahahha, we were loping, and when I asked her to stop, she did, but then she walked straight over to Boyfriend for Pets.  It was pretty cute actually.

Also, I got some new boots! Like them? I do!


  1. That's so great that things are going so well. LOVE the bareback picture. You are braver than I! But maybe someday...

    1. Bologna, I saw that you got on an unbroke feral beast bareback!!

  2. Cute boots, and great pictures. You two are really coming along.

  3. How awesome, so much braver than me, I can hardly stay on bareback at the walk, lol I slide off sideways!


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