Friday, April 5, 2013


I am so frustrated.

Me and Pony were doing SO WELL. And then we weren't.

Her left hind mysteriously swelled up about 2 weeks ago, and for about a week before that we had been having slow easy rides.  We assumed she probably got kicked, or kicked something on her leg...there was never any heat or obvious pain from her.  She was slightly lame at the trot the day we noticed it (Like, if your looking super hard you can see a slight shift of her of those types of lame) and then just stiff the day after that.  I rode her around in the beginning to get the blood flowing etc.

I cold hosed it, I checked it up and down a million times, there was not a single scuff on the leg.  Just swelling.  After a few days, she started looking a lot better, but her disposition has been kind of funny since then.

The weather has also been a little odd, hot then cold and then windy and freezing then raining then sunny tank top sweaty weather.

I've been getting really bad gaits from her since then, and her left lead lope is just terrible.  It's impossibly fast and I can't get her to slow it down, so I am thinking that something in that left hind is still giving her a little pain or discomfort.  In her trot, I cant keep her at a good pace, its a jet engine then a nice jog, and then a walk.

I think my problem is that I focused on other things, she realized it, and she promptly got pissed.  She is not a sideline horse...she is a give me your entire complete attention horse.

On friday at our photo shoot (pictures to come!) she was just absolutely crazy.  She even did her best impression of running away with me.  I was frazzled, and she was frazzled.

Would you like to know why she was an absolute monster at our photo shoot? Its because for about three weeks prior to that, I had divided my attention between her and other horses, and when I did ride her I had no goals and aimlessly road.

Also, I had expectations of her.  I went out on Friday with expectations of how awesome I'd look and how awesome she'd look and I hadn't put the proper training/workouts into her to be able to go and have expectations.  My expectations should have been 'watch us walk around the arena'.

She absolutely knew that I had expectations of being awesome, but I did not deserve her to be awesome for me.  What I deserved was a half feral Pony with an attitude because she deserved more attention.  And that is EXACTLY what I got.

Man I hate it when our ponies are right.

But it is tough.  It's spring and me and Pony were doing so good that I stopped putting the same amount of effort into our rides and she knew it.

This is funny, because in February I was sick and I went a full three weeks without riding her.  Did she care? Not in the slightest.  She was wonderful when I came back.  She was wonderful and calm and not hot, and she was like that because I wasn't coming out and half assing my time with her.

They know us allllll too well.

I'm sorry Pony.  I'll start stepping it up to the plate.  Promise.


  1. Ponies and mares. . .they seem to know us so well and when things aren't as they feel they should be, all hell breaks loose! I know!
    You guys will get it back together and be stronger than before. I know that too :)

    1. Hahaha, right?! The mare ponies are the worst!

    2. Or the best!! Haha! They sure test you, but once you connect, it is the best!

  2. Interesting. My horses prefer it when I leave them alone and mess with one of the others. They would just assume be lazy than too have to be ridden.

    I wonder if she isn't trying to tell you that she still has some pain and discomfort going on, and she isn't appreciating that you aren't recognizing that. I could be wrong, of course, but that is my thoughts on her behavior.

    1. You know, that was my first thought was pain.

      I think that's where her bad left lead lope is coming from, because that would put more pressure on that left hind if we're on a circle (ok, lets be honest, we do a lot of circles, when she's being bad it's so much more controlled than all the way around the arena....I bet you get that with trax!)

      But I've been trying to feel her out to see if its attitude vs pain and I'm thinking its attitude. I think she would have stepped up her response by now if she was in pain.


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