Friday, April 5, 2013

Opinionated Mares

So talking about how Pony thinks she deserves a lot of attention made me think of a funny story.

A year or two ago, when my trainer was still riding her, she would have long days.  She would ride a bunch of horses, and then when it came time to take care and ride her own horses, she would be tired and would want to go home.  Pony takes a lot of attention and focus, so instead of riding her, she would just turn her out. (This is when she was in a small stall area at a different barn.)

So what did Pony do?

She went balls out in the arena, and didn't let my trainer catch her for over an hour.

Pony was saying 'you can't cast me off, I deserve as much attention as anyone else.  If you turning me out because you want to go home, thats not gonna happen lady'

The days that my trainer went out and rode her first, or even just turned her out first thing, she would run around for a few minutes, then come and stick her head in the halter.  If she rode her early and gave her full attention, she would be perfect and they could have a short ride.

Pony is VERY funny like that.  She opinionated.  She knows exactly what she deserves, and knows when your not giving it to her.  A lot of horses wouldn't care, but she is obviously sensitive.  (Like we didn't know that one.)

She is not expressive.  She is not a cuddler.  She won't lean into scratches, she won't run up to you, you have to find her ways to show you she loves you.  Like when I put her home and she will stay for scratches without running away when I remove her halter.

At the same time though, she does love me, and does enjoy being loved on.  Its just buried down there, so of course she can tell when I'm half assing anything!

Here's one of the pictures from the photoshoot! I love it!

Man oh man, what are we going to do with these opinionated mares!!


  1. Oh Wow! That is a wonderful photo.

  2. Love that photo!
    Shy is the same way. At my old barn when she wasn't getting turned out as much, she was so hard to catch. Now that she is out 24/7, I can walk right up to her. But she doesn't come to me. She is not cuddly or affectionate, as much as I want her to be. She tolerates it when I do it, but doesn't lean into scratches or anything. She is quite opinionated when she wants to be. Oh pony mares :)

  3. That is a great shot. You look so relaxed. I like pictures of people in their element. Most of the show horse pictures I see have riders glaring at their horse's ears for a sign that they might lose their attention and break gait.

    1. Thanks!! I hate seeing horse show pictures that look like the horse and rider are miserable! If i'm going to a show, its because I want to have fun! Not fight with my horse the entire time!

  4. I love that picture! You both look amazing!


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