Saturday, March 23, 2013

Geriatric Arabs

I received an awesome text from my trainer today. She said that kadins butt is still clean since yesterday, no new poopy diarrhea run!

This means that he has had two meals with his geriatric Arabs and it has made a HUGE difference. Previously, he would literally go from cleanly washed to looking like he hasn't been groomed in a month, in a mere 24 hours.

His teeth were just floated a few weeks ago, but the dentist said that he simply doesn't have enough teeth left to properly chew his hay, and since he can't chew hay, he can't digest it. He was losing weight rapidly, and had a lot of diarrhea along with regular poops.

I'm so glad that being on a pelleted feed is making a huge difference. Ill have to take a picture of them all, it's 6 grey Arabs together. They all walk around with dish faces and tails high. SO CUTE.

He's a high maintenance horse in the ways that he has sensitive skin, is hard to keep weight on, and constantly needs some sort of ointment or cream rubbed on him. But honestly, he is the sweetest most wonderful, patient and calm old guy. He is always sound, and you can put a complete beginner on him and he will take care of them.

I'm so glad that the feed will help him stay healthy and keep being such a sweet and perfect lesson horse!


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