Monday, February 25, 2013


You will never believe what Pony did!

We had an AWESOME ride.  Once again, it only lasted about 20 minutes, because she was so freaking good, I didn't need to do more than that!

We did some walk, some trot, a lap of lope, then I worked with her on collecting a little at a walk.   I am not very experienced with collection, and its hard to work with a horse that is not good at it, since I am trying to learn and teach at the same time! So I just do a little at a time, and while walking we had a few good steps where she collected nicely.

So I asked for another lope, and I let her have my hot seat for a second.  I actually was really enjoying letting her speed up a little, and then I prepared and asked for a stop.  Holy crap, did she stop.  She tucked her booty underneath her, and slid! Look at the slide marks!

Slide Marks from a stop!

I was riding her in a cruddy wintec saddle since my trainer was on a trail ride with her saddle, the one that works well with pony.  Since its a wintec it doesn't really fit any horse great, and it also has an oddly high perched seat, I also had too short of stirrups, but since I wasn't planning on having a tough ride I didn't bother changing them.  But holy shamole, when she slammed on those brakes, I lost my center of gravity and ended up hopping off her side.  When I saw the tracks, I was SO happy with her! She got lots of hugs and kisses, and then got to go outside to cool out and got super groomed and got to go home.

So there again, we rode about 20-30 minutes, but that was all we needed to get something super awesome! 

The best thing about this entire ride was the fact that I put that stop on her.  I don't know if she has ever done a sliding stop before, but when I first started riding her, her stop was pretty cruddy.  She is super responsive, but she would plant her front end or just slowly transition down into a stop on her fore.  My trainer has always used her as a trail horse and hasn't spent a lot of arena time with her, and sliding to a stop is not something that a mustang naturally does.  

It feels so good to know that my hard work has gotten her to this point.

Also the other awesome thing?

I had no rein on her.  She slid to a stop based on body language alone.  That is how awesomely responsive and sensitive she is.  I love my crazy mustang pony!


  1. ya gotta love a horse that does that! Sliding stops mine seems unable to do.

  2. That is cool! It is hard to get those stops, timing is everything. You must have asked at just the right time.

  3. What's funny is that she totally reminds me of a little reiner I rode a few times (who was for sale for lots of $$$). Could he ever surprise the heck out of you! Spin like a top and slide forever. So I can definitely see her doing it! That's so cool, right down to the Wintec saddle. Go little mustang girl!

    1. Thats so funny! What you said reminded me of this other pony I rode once. I took a few english lessons with one girl who said she had owned this pony since she was young and had broke her, but then she said that a reiner must have gotten on her before she got her because she can stop like any western horse. Anytime I even thought about stopping, she would do it! It was so funny, because I would just be getting used to whatever I was doing in an english saddle and I'd stop actively riding, and she would slam on the brakes and I'd lose my balance all over again! Thanks!!


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