Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New saddle!

So I spent the weekend with bubby in Sacramento.  We got a hotel room to celebrate valentines day, and got dressed up and went to old town sacramento to walk around and such, then ended up at the cheesecake factory for dinner.  We went to see his friends (I guess after 2 1/2 years in a relationship I should refer to them as my friends as well!) and on the way, we stopped by my favorite used tack store.  I suppose its technically a consignment store...and its awesome! It has all sorts of tack, english, western, clothing, boots, bridles, saddles, pads...anything and everything!

Anyways, the english saddle I have on pony is slightly tight on her.  She seems to behave well in it, but she's got a really amazing work ethic and will disguise her pain as long as she can tolerate it! So, since I am the first person to work her english, I don't want to turn her off of or sour her of english or jumping due to any tack problems.

So anyways, I browsed the saddles in the store, not really thinking about getting one, when this one jumped out at me! Its a Crosby jump saddle, it's a Mark 8 Combination Spring Seat.  I know that Crosby's aren't the top of the line, but they are definitely still a nice saddle.  This one has obviously been previously loved, but the leather on the seat is like butter.

When I saw it in the store, it looked like a wide tree.  I thought so, and my thoughts were confirmed when the woman that worked there said thats what she thought as well.  There was no information on it, so I had to guess.  I know that Crosbys can run slightly narrow, so possibly a wide would be more like a medium wide.  At the same time, I have no idea what the tree in the saddle I currently ride in is, So I don't have much for comparison.

Anyways, I couldn't decide if I should get it or not, but honestly, when you hear the price, you will be able to see why I had to get it.

Are you guys ready?

It cost....


I have two theories.

1) There was a communication error and it was meant to cost more or

2) Whoever brought it in for consignment acquired it somehow and simply wanted to get rid of it and didn't either care about the money or didn't know what it is worth.

I looked up this saddle for sale from people, and they are mostly going for around 400 dollars or so, so I figured I could at least get my money back if it didn't fit pony.  However, I put it on her and it seems to fit.  I now need a new girth for her to work with this saddle, but I jumped on and walked around and it seemed to have adequate shoulder movement.

So I am excited! Plus, its much more comfortable to sit on than the last one!


  1. Good deal! I probably would have done the same thing. Just get it -- if it fits, keep it -- if it doesn't, sell it.

  2. This is awesome so glad that it seems to fit!

  3. Wow! Beats my find of the week all to hell! Well done.

  4. Wow, what a steal! I came across a deal like that as well a while back and only ended up spending $20 on a Stubben :) Love great deals!


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