Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Want Your Opinions!

Back in December (seems so long ago!), I remember reading Cindys blog post about Passing it on.

The main point that she is making, is that it all starts with you.  The world cannot change without you making an effort.  You cannot be happy, and in turn pass on your happiness if you don't start it.

I know that I have had days when I am angry, mad, in a horrible mood, and I will see a child, or an older person, or a homeless person, or a kitten and get mad at myself all over again because I am being silly.

Life is far too short to get upset and angry over nothing.  Choose your battles.  Really decide what matters to you, and try to do something good for other people.  Smile when you see someone that looks upset.  Give a granola bar to someone that is homeless.  Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell someone that they are beautiful.

One time, while on vacation in Seattle, there was a young guy playing his instrument on the road.  I went and put a dollar in his guitar case, surrounded by a note.  The note said 'You are wonderful, and you make beautiful music.  Never forget that'.  I paid it forward, and I hope that on his tough days he remembers that anonymous note and smiles. Also, it was fun for me! I want to do more things like that in my daily life.

I have been grappling with this idea for a while, and I would like to know what you guys think about it.

I would like to have a giveaway, with some strings attached.

I would like to have a piece of paper, and something small, something silly, maybe something sweet, something ridiculous, who cares.

But, the idea, is that it will continue to be 'passed on'.  My idea is that when I have a good day, and I want to have a giveaway, I will send the winner this piece of paper with my name and the date I gave it away, and whatever gift I feel like giving....

And then, when that person has the hankering for it, they can have a giveaway and add their name, and choose whatever they want to give away as well. heck, they could even give away the same thing!

On the paper, you could write an inspirational note, a joke, what happened in your life that made you ready to send it on to the next person.  Shoot, if another blogger is going through a rough time, send it to them!

I think that it would be a neat thing to do, something that is easy and cheap and would just brighten peoples days! You could send a picture, a figurine, whatever, as long as its the whole idea of paying it forward, and passing it on.

Would anyone be interested in doing it?

Any ways that I could improve my idea?

Please, I would be interested to hear peoples inputs!


  1. I would deffo be in and interested in doing it :)

  2. I'm in, too. I love the idea. If you don't do it... I just might!

  3. Yay! I'm glad people think its a good idea! I will definitely be doing it before too long!


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