Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bath Time!

These pictures were all from about two weeks ago, I kept meaning to write this post and other things kept coming up!

Anyways, it was a BEAUTIFUL day, probably 75 degrees with a hot sun.  So, of course, I gave pony a bath! Man, I was not prepared for how tough it would be.  She has a thiiiiick water resistant mustang coat.  I could barely even get her all the way wet! Everytime I would think she was fully wet, she would move and her fur would shift and there would be completely dry 'underfur!'

Anyways, she was obviously really good.  you can straight tie her and spray her in the face, shes so cute! She wasn't exactly happy with that, but she let me do it! I even washed her blaze! So anyways, I guess the pictures speak for themselves, but she was SO SOFT afterwards! I loved it!

wet pony!

'staaaahp.  mohhhm this is not cool. ok fine i'll just stand here.'

'are we done yet?'

cute pretty petite legs!

this is what i mean! her mane was completely soaked, and i flipped it over to bone dry hair!

fuzzy wet muzzle

punk rock pony teehee.

when her mane was light and fluffy the growing out bridle path decided to stick straight up!

it was SO SOFT

she had to stand around to dry.  she wasn't exactly stoked on it, but she decided to finally accept it.

'do you think my butt looks big?'

'i'll stand here and look pretty if you give me those carrots in your pocket.'

clean blaze! she's always had that funny stripe halfway up, i think it was a scar at one point and is just kinda discolored now.


she has the most colorful tail! the more you pull back the more colors you find!

black, gray, red, silver, blonde. so weird.

slightly less pineappley.  she has the most pineappely tail! she gets wormed like clockwork and its always been like that.  shes just an itchy mare hahah

'see how cute i am?'


  1. Oh my, Pretty Pony. What a good girl you are! And yes we can all see just how cute you are. No wonder your mom luvs luvs luvs you with all her heart.

    I still love the nosey pic the best, but all of them are super cute!

  2. Pretty girl!! I love giving Shy baths. And her tail is all the colors :)
    Love the nosey pic, too!

  3. Awesome pictures, she is a cute little girl!

  4. Very cool tail, my Bailey has a tail like that too. I cant wait till it is warm enough to give my girls a bath cause they really need one.

  5. Love spa day! I think it will still be a while before we see 75 around here though :(

    She looks very proud of her clean shiny locks.

  6. She looks great! I love it after they're washed :)


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