Monday, February 4, 2013

8 mile trail ride

So, I wrote this post a few days ago, and low and behold, it didn't upload when I thought it did. Grrrr.  Regardless, here you go! 

So Thursday morning me and my trainer went on a trail ride to Lake Del Valle.  Its about a half an hour drive through town, so its not all too far away.  

There is another trail entrance on the other side of the lake, and it has lake access.  Trainer said we can take them there in the summer and swim!
Its a beautiful trail, and a tough one.  For the horse, not the rider.  We did 8 miles, of up and down and up and downs.  It was so beautiful though!

We took two horses, Pony and Little Big Man.

Little Big Man is the funniest horse ever.  He's 'gaited' but is the most uncomfortable ride ever.  He has a personality very similar to pony, but has had a lot of people on him that are not experienced and have turned him into a pretty reactive blow up type horse.

My trainers been working with him for months, and him and her are great together, but his owner is just not the type of rider that is going to work with him...maybe someday he'll understand.  Regardless, him and pony are seriously PERFECT for eachother on the trail.  They both walk out at a really nice pace, they like eachother, calm eachother down and get along well.  

They were sweaty sweaty sweaty ponies afterwards.

She was sweaty EVERYWHERE.  It was a beautiful day, probably around 70 degrees with hot sunshine on us the entire time and a very faint breeze.

We grained them with a lot of water and some electrolytes, and hosed them off.

They're even like the same size!
Hosed off and cooled down!

Pony: "Alright girl, i'm itchy and want to roll. Stop taking pictures and take me home"

Here is the overview of the route we took.  You can see how huge the lake is, and how far around it is. The section we did was four miles in, then we turned around and walked out the same way.  

My Trainer said that this summer she wanted to get a group together to go on a camping trip here.  She said that since its so close, she could take multiple trailers of horses, and we could go swimming in the lake.

I've always wanted to swim on a horse. Actually swim, not just go through water, and she said that Pony is a beast in the water, that she's like a hippo.  She'll get in all the way up to like just her nose and ears sticking up.  I cant wait, that will be so much fun!

This is the overview of our ride.  We were able to let them open up a little during some of the straightaways.  We mostly kept them at a huge long trot, but I let pony canter a little.

All in all, it was a beautiful day.

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  1. My very most favoritist part of riding is those kinds of trail rides. No real training, just enjoying the scenery and the time with my horse and friends. I'm pretty jealous of all that green you have and the fact that you can actually hose off Pony after your ride. Trax would be frozen if I hosed him off!

    I had a TWH once, and when I sold him, I was lucky enough to witness what a difference a rider can make. I thought that being a Walker he would be smooth, but he was so awkward to ride. One of the women who came to buy him had been riding competition walkers since she was a young girl, (she is a grandma now- so many years) In 2 seconds she had him driving around the pasture like a Competition Walking Horse, and it was amazing. I never realized that they had to be trained to do that gait, to get that smoothness out of them. Their bodies are built to do it, where as other horses are not (something with the shoulder) but unless they are taught it, they just move differently and often times it can feel awkward and rough.


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