Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 20 Challenge

Your favorite horse show

Ok, well since I haven't done a whole heck of a lot of shows, there aren't many to choose from.  And, I don't know if I can just choose one, since they were all special!!

The very first show I ever went to was with Kadin, an older arab, and he was absolutely perfect.  Looking back at the videos, we were ALL over the place, but we had developed a great bond at that point and he went exactly where I pointed him at the exact speed I asked him for.  It was great.

Another very memorable show was the Gymkhana I took pony too.  I really loved it because it took SO much effort from me and pony, and we came out the other side of it (second place overall) but also a much better bonded pair.  While that was not obvious at the time, it was pretty much the cruddiest conditions you could imagine, and we fought through it, and I know next time it will be way easier.

One of my other favorite shows was one that we put on by ourselves.  I don't know if I have told the story of Sombrero yet....but if I haven't, please let me know because its a greatly terrible one.  Basically,  I was hired as a Wrangler for last summer, summer 2012.  I was leaving June 11th, and I really wanted to go to one last gymkhana.   Me and Shannon had gotten up, loaded the trailer, loaded the tack, loaded the horses, picked up my horse from a different ranch (Kadin).  We got to the show, started to open the back trailer doors, I walked in, started untying Kadin, Brett pinned his ears and gave him evil eyes, and he freaked out, slammed his head, and we had to head back to the ranch to wait for the vet to come with stitches.

Anyways, (yeah, thats another greeeeat story) we didn't get to go to that gymkhana, and that was the last one I was going to be able to go to before I headed out to Colorado for the summer on the ranch.

So, since that didn't end up working out, we talked to a bunch of people at the barn and made our own gymkhana!  Everyone was invited, we did a few different classes.  My friend (that made me the belt) made bronc halters for the winners (they were seriously gorgeous!).  One girl brought snacks, one girl brought drinks, basically, everyone contributed in some way.  I didn't have any horses to ride at the time, so me and Allison both shared Liam.  I made ribbons for everyone.  We had about 13 people running events.

The idea was also to have a super chill event for people who were afraid of showing.  One of the girls there who is super amazing and a good rider, went to her first gymkhana at the same time I went to mine...she wasn't thinking far enough ahead, and fell off twice at that gymkhana, both times because her horse stopped at the end before she did.  It wasn't anyones fault, she wasn't hurt, just her pride.  Which is totally understandable! But she didn't want to go to another gymkhana.  There was also another woman who never wanted to go, so we wanted to have a fun 'show' like environment.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!

We ended up having a whole bunch of drama afterwards, etc etc etc.  But whatever, I hated that the day ended like it did, but remembering how much fun it was before was awesome.

Heres the ribbons that I made for everyone.  I should do a tutorial on making your own horse show ribbon haha.  They were easy, but WAY time consuming. Took me forever. And, I still have quite a few left haha.

Alright, cruddiest quality picture ever, but I was far to lazy to do more than snap it with my computer camera. You get the just haha

All in all though, I've never had a really shitty show day, because even the really tough ones amount to something! I love showing, I really do, and I hope to do more and more of it!


  1. I think that what you guys did was freaking awesome. After all, isn't that what it is really supposed to be about? Having fun?
    That is a great story, and quite the inspiration too.

  2. Thanks! It was really great, afterwards, one of the ladies I ride with sometimes who is older and only got into horses because of her daughter, emailed me and thanked me because it was her first horse ribbon and it meant a lot to her that she got to participate.

    THAT was exactly why I wanted to have a little barn show!


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