Sunday, January 6, 2013

Equestrian Challenge Day 14

Your dream farm/barn:

Since the boyfriend has a barn on his families property, I've been able to see some things about barns that totally don't work.

#1. There is a barn with two stalls, a large corral, a small paddock all connected. Inside the barn to the other direction there is a tack room and some empty space that could be converted to another stall, or used as hay storage. Problem is, that with five acres, why keep your horse/animal in the corral area? Let them have free roam! Then, you have to keep hay in the tack room. And comeon, horse people have too much tack to be sharing it with hay!!

My dream barn/farm has cover for my horses, but also a lot of space where my horse can be a horse! It has easy access to tack etc, and space to tack up that is close to the tack room! I would like an arena, and lots of area to explore, even if the exploring area is off the property!

I would like it to be cute and pretty, but my horses health/well being comes first! I of course would like some enclosed space where I can keep my horse should they be hurt, etc and need to be on stall rest for whatever reason.

As long as my barn doesn't fall down on my horsies like this one is about to!

I think red barns are just beautiful

I wouldn't complain if this was my barn

How Clean!!

Anyways, obviously my horses well being is first off! Clean spaces, lots of space, well ventilated, etc.  


  1. I love those last two pictures, I wouldn't complain if it was my barn!

  2. Great pics...wish I could see the last one.
    I think that one reason I enjoy having stalls for my horses is so that I can accurately control their food intake. Although I will admit, I wish mine were just a tad bigger. For example, Danny is the only one who gets senior feed. But since he is no longer top horse I cannot feed him his grain with any other horses or they will steal it from him. I would never keep them in all the time though. Not when I have acres for them to run in. Everyone gets a turn out. If I had my way, I would open all the gates and let everyone out together everyday. If it wasn't for Killian and Danny fighting all the time, I would. Also I should say that if it was any other horse than Danny, I'd let them just sort it out. Poor Danny just can't fight back, and it isn't worth the risk of a huge vet bill, or having to see him in pain.

    1. Thats totally true about the food intake! Especially if you have a horse that has trouble keeping weight/doesn't get enough food. Poor Danny! I definitely get where your coming from! He's older and doesn't deserve to be beaten up! Plus, I wouldn't want to deal with a vet bill that I could have easily avoided!

  3. Oh, I meant to say, I really like your new layout too.

  4. It always is easier to see what we don't like isn't it? I see that every time I go to someones place, how I would change it, which is silly cause I have no say in the matter.

    I sure do like the last 2 as well. I started out wanting something big and fancy, but now just want a small barn or none at all if I could get an arena. I have plans and quotes everything for the arena but Hubby thinks its unnecessary, sigh. One day.

    1. Haha, its so true! And yeah, I mean, I would love a fancy barn! But as long as I have a good spot where my horses can be healthy mentally and physically, I won't complain! I have found that having a nice indoor arena makes all the difference in the world! We also have a covered area to tack up, its soooo helpful! Especially on the days I just want to groom, etc, I have someplace to spend time with her thats out of the rain!


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