Monday, January 28, 2013

You learn something new everyday

Kind of like the fact that ponys feet are striped!!

I had no idea. Her feet are always muddy/dirty/dusty. And while I always scrape the mud off, they are still always left just dusty/ dirty

For some reason I decided to actually hose off her feet, and I was surprised to find dainty little stripes!!

By the way, on the last picture (blogger for iPhone is kinda stupid, so it might not be the last picture) it's a picture of RH.

The hoof looks abnormal, right? It's like a piece of her hoof was kind of gummy on top, it was very bizarre. I thought it could have been the tiniest bit hotter than the rest, but that could have been my imagination. My trainer said unless she seemed off that it was probably fine, but the farrier will be out this week and he can take a look at it.

EDIT : I tried all weekend to post this from blogger for iphone, and it kept refusing to, but I was away from my computer.  Nonetheless, these are all from a few days ago, and pony's weird hoof spot went away, my trainer thinks that when she was with the bitchy mares she stood out in the rain/mud when she usually stands inside so she probably just got a wet soggy spot but when the weather cleared up it did too!

Also, I know her toes look really long (mostly the front, the back look better) and she is overdue but the farrier will be here this week! But they definitely are not as long as that one picture makes it look, that was kind of a weird angle.


  1. Just at a glance, to my untrained eye, she looks like she is due for a trim but not severely so.
    Good that the "spot" went away.
    She sure is a cute little thing.

  2. I think her and sassy would make a great pair haha


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