Monday, January 21, 2013

Trot til your abs ache...or laugh

Yeah, laughing works too!

I think its time I share some of the hilarious things I've seen on pinterest and repinned with you guys.

In case anyone wants to follow me on pinterest (I'm a pinaholic...) you can do so here.

If you don't know what pinterest is, or haven't tried it, you are honestly missing out.  Basically you look through 'pins' and it is a virtual pinboard, so there are recipes, pictures, articles...anything you would rip out of a magazine and pin to your wall, is the way I see it.  There are crafts, things to do with your kids, awesome time saving ideas, things that make your life simpler, helpful ways to organize, things to make a workout regime...seriously anything.  Theres also quite a few equestrian pinners too!  Here are some of the things I've seen that make me die of laughter....

Uhm, yup!

I laughed SO hard at this. What a good horse!

I know everyone just had someones face pop up in there head....

Cue "That's so weird, he's usually so well behaved..."

Yup, we've seen those ads hahahah

Crystal, this is for you! Haha!

Ok, Seriously though, I am obsessed with 'Hey Girls'. They are sooo funny.  And theres soo many equestrian ones.  I have a video somewhere of Ryan Gosling actually reading them, and its so funny, I'll have to put the link to that someday.

I showed this to bubby....he wasn't so amused hahahha.

Not a single person can disagree with this hahahha

There is no possible way you can't laugh at this.  I mean, come on. hahahahaha

This one just makes me laugh because the caption was

"uhm, theres a 9 year old girl loose in the ring so you should probably shut the gate..."

Anyways, theres a million more where that came from, but they ALWAYS make me laugh, so I thought I'd share! hope you enjoyed!


  1. Love those, I am on Pintrest as well although i haven't been on much lately cause it takes up too much time, lol.

  2. I laughed until I cried. Whenever I tell my husband and son about something the horses did, they exchange this look of utter desperation.

  3. Love Pinterest! It's always good for a laugh. I don't do too much with the crafty or cooking stuff, but I do love the humor.

  4. i love these! I've seen most of them on facebook and laugh at them all :) xxx

  5. Those are great! People get pretty sick of hearing me talk about my horses all the time too!

  6. These are great! I enjoyed every one of them.

  7. Hey Gina, thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your blog when I get home!

    I'm glad everyone enjoyed them! The 'did i win?' one makes me laught SO hard every time!


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