Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank You All

I want to thank you all that commented on my post yesterday about the fall that I did the right thing.  It honestly made me SO much happier to know that even though I felt super awkward and wished I knew what to do, I made the correct decisions.  Especially now that I know how bad it is.  Are you guys prepared for this?

He broke his clavicle (which is why his left side hurt so bad, and I always had to help from the right).  And he broke his ribs in 9 different places.  He broke some ribs multiple times.  That, my friends, is a pretty nasty fall.

He stayed at the hospital overnight, and he will stay a few more days for them to watch. Their fear is that since he cannot take deep breaths due to the rib fractures that his lungs will fill with fluid and he will get pneumonia.  I feel so bad, and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Anyways, that pretty much puts a damper on any post! But me and pony had a great ride today.

Aw, pony and her mini were bonding.

We went english, and I was so proud of her.  I set up two ground poles followed by a cavaletti.  We trotted a lot, and I loped her some and then I trotted her over the poles and then the cavaletti, then changed direction so I was trotting over the cavaletti and then the poles.

I worked a lot on two point (ouch my muscles!) and then, going into the corner before the caveletti, she picked up a lope once! She loped over the cavaletti, over the ground poles, and then started crowhopping/mini bucking!

I was so surprised. By two things.  1) That she picked up her lope and watched her feet and did so good over the poles and 2) That she started crow hopping!

My first thought was that I had her head too much and didn't give when she went over the cavaletti.  But, my best riding trait is that I have super soft hands (its something I just naturally have, I am so thankful for it, since its so hard to train yourself to have softer hands!) So I honestly did not think that was the culprit.  I went out of the arena to find my trainer and let her know, and she told me its something that green horses do, they get excited and proud of themselves for completing the task correctly.

So, that made sense, and is pretty cute.  We did it again, and she didn't do it, so obviously it was just an excitement thing.

We went back into the arena, I wanted to try it again and end on a good note, not a confused note (ok lets be honest, I was really excited that we had loped over it all and wanted to do it again!) but I was SO proud of what I received.

I trotted her a few more times, and she didn't pick up a lope.  I really didn't want to push her into the lope, since there were so many things she had to watch her feet over, I didn't want to push her into it and then regret it, and give her a bad experience.  However, I picked up a lope and went all the way around the arena..she was going pretty fast so I figured we would go around and not go through the jump.  Instead, coming into the corner in front of the jump, she slowed down and collected her limbs and did it perfectly.  It was SO freaking adorable.

If she's going to crazy-canter, I would much rather have her do that when we're not facing a jump, rather than her be calm until we get close to a jump!

It was quite awesome.

Then....the day was not over.  I washed her high whites, because she's cute.  She wasn't really a fan of that.  She kept just walking away from the wash rack, which is funny, because she isn't afraid of was more of a 'yeah, maybe if I just walk home she won't notice....'

Look at those pearly whites :)

This is off topic, but I found this super interesting.  The fact that she has high whites and stripes that fade into her roan, and she also has a white chin, she has the paint gene in her! So when she did have a foal, it was a paint foal! I thought that was really interesting!

Then, I went and got Kadin, my prince charming of horses..who is a grey arab with the poopiest butt you will ever see on a horse.  He desperately needed a spa day.

So he got all prettied up! He's so good though, once you take the hose to his butt, he lifts up his tail and really lets you scrub around in there....its quite hilarious.  But he looked absolutely gorgeous afterwards!

Tell me that is not the sweetest arab face you will ever see! This guy honestly stole my heart a while ago, I'm sad I don't ride him anymore.
And obviously the best way to dry him off was to ride him...I walked all over the ranch bareback for a barefeet nonetheless.  My boots got soaked so I put them in the sun to dry while I walked him around.  I haven't ridden him since probably may, I forgot how much I love that horse!

He's so chill hahaha.  But, LOOK at that wither.  Like a dang shark fin!  It definitely gave me a stopper when walking downhill though!

Once I was ready to get off, I did something I honestly think I deserve an award for.  I picked up one of my boots and sock with a broom handle while on Kadin.  It was awesome, and took SO much effort.  Kadin stood there like a pro though.  I was working on boot number two when someone walked by and picked it up for me.  I told them not to, but they did anyways.  I was pretty bummed.

Then, I even managed to get close enough to pony to untie her and pony her over to her home, which is where I finally got off of him to put her away.  That gate is impossible from horseback, otherwise I might have tried!

I spent about 7 hours at the was pretty awesome.

And this has nothing to do with anything, but are those not the creepiest lawn ornaments you have ever seen? I mean, who would buy those?


  1. That sucks about how many injuries the man suffered. I'm constantly questioning whether I should be riding at my age just because the smallest things can wreak havoc on my body. Yesterday I bent over to remove a leg strap that got tangled around Gabbrielle's hind leg, she kicked out while I was lifting her hoof and I hung on. When I stood up the muscle running from my upper thigh all the way down to the bottom of my foot was in pain. I had to walk it off for an hour.

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your ride. Those lawn ornaments look like dogs with Chinese dragon heads. Maybe they have something to do with Chinese astrology? My guess is that they have some special meaning to some people. They also remind me of gargoyles.

    1. Oh no! You know I've thought about how this is such a dangerous sport I have involved myself in, and how much of a bummer it will be when I am older and when i have to realize I can no longer do it. But I've thought about it too, even if I ride and get hurt, won't I still be a happier person with horses in my life than I would be if I gave it up due to age?

  2. Poor old guy, no wonder he couldn't breathe. I guess there is something to be said about knowing your limitations, but then look at Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance. They both rode well into their eighties. I recall watching the movie "Buck" and he stretches every morning before he rides. Probably a good idea for all of us older folks.

    Sounds like a great ride! Congrats!

    1. Heck, stretching before riding is even a good idea for me! Its funny though, I did gymnastics for years, so I'm naturally really flexible, and once I quit, I notice my body doing funny things and getting tight in funny places since I don't regularly stretch anymore. I am beginning to have to stretch every day just to keep my body feeling the way it always felt before.

  3. Those ornaments are really creepy. They remind me of something that is weird and Chinese.

    awwww I really feel sorry for the old guy, I hope he makes a strong recovery, no wonder he found it hard to breath.

    It really does sound like you are having fun with your riding and I think that is the most important thing when riding!

  4. That is a decent amount of injuries! I cracked a rib after being bucked off a horse and that hurt - I can't imagine having hurt more than one!!

    It's great that you can post online and get some supportive feedback :)

    Love the photos!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Someone did talk to him a few days ago, he was still at the hospital, but on massive pain killers, so he can't feel a thing! But man he won't be feeling great for a while!


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