Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So much to catch up on

I have not blogged about my riding in quite some time! I went to Oklahoma for christmas to stay with my family, and ended up not seeing pony for almost two full weeks!

So a quick catch up, when I was in oklahoma I went riding, got put on a cruddy horse and got switched to a totally awesome horse.  While this horse was totally awesome, I snapped my ankle, HARD, and definitely thought I broke it. It wasn't the horses fault, it was completely mine.  The tack I was riding in was way huge for me, too long of stirrups even on the shortest setting, too big of saddle, thinking back I would have been better off riding bareback! This horse was a nicely bred somewhat expensive cutter (unfortunately no, there were no cows to work) and he had the dreamiest lope I have ever felt.  It was nicer than the one gaited horse that I rode, and I didn't even feel like I was moving when I was riding the gaited one! So he was just wonderful, but the stirrups were at the point where if my heels were not down, my foot was touching the stirrup.  So I was riding with barely any contact in the stirrups at all, and they set out barrels for me.  I went to take the first barrel at a right turn, and DAMN can this horse turn.  I put leg on too early, since I didn't think he'd turn so fast and he turned in front of the barrel and turned so fast and so well that I lost my right stirrup completely, and when I did that I overcompensated for the left stirrup right as he came back up from the turn and basically since I was barely touching the stirrup it got slammed down into it and turned my ankle completely on the side, basically so that the bone on the outer side of your ankle was touching the bottom of the stirrup.  It was brutal.  It wasn't the horses fault, it was mostly mine for having ill fitting tack.

Anyways, so once I got back I went to the barn, and saw Pony for the first time in two weeks.  And, since my ankle was still swollen and hurt, and Pony can be rough on your stirrups when shes crazy and hot, I did some ground work with her! First day I brought her out and groomed her, which of course took forever because she was filthy after not being groomed for two weeks (and she doesn't wear a blanket!)  I then just jumped on bareback and walked around the ranch for a while.  She was of course calm, because shes always fine until you reeallly ask something of her. After I got off, I kept walking without holding onto her lead, and she followed me quite a ways.  She followed me in circles, and even backed up next to me.  It was awesome.

Then, the next night, I went out with a pocketful of carrots.  I taught her to bow! It was slow going, shes a mustang and is not naturally trusting, and when she bends her legs with her head beneath her, thats a very vunerable position to be in! So I worked on that for about fifteen minutes, and then, with her halter still off, I took the rope and wrapped it around her neck and jumped on! She was kinda spazzy, but didn't try to do anything other than walk.

Day three was the best day ever.  It was seriously awesome.  I wish I had pictures of it, but I was lame and didn't take any.  I groomed her, found an old rope and tied it around her neck, and jumped on.

I started to walk around the ranch.

Now, I know most people will think I was being stupid and careless.  No way! I was showing my horse that I trust her, and in turn, she can trust me.  I wouldn't do this with any horse, and also, the entire ranch is gated, so if she took off, I can easily jump off of her, and she would probably just run back to her home.  No harm done.  So anyways,

I started to walk around the ranch, and found my trainer at the upper arena.  She saw me a little ways off and just shouted 'omg your crazy'.  You know your doing something awesome when your trainer thinks your crazy ahaha.  There were a few other people that ended up riding around the arena killing some time until another horse was ready to be ridden.

We made the funniest group.  It was me, bareback with only a rope on a pony, this girl who was on this huge OTTB who had the weirdest habit of kicking (I have never seen that huge of a butt on a thoroughbred!) She would just stand there, totally relaxed, eyes relaxed, head down, ears relaxed, and just kick a leg.  Then the next one.  Sooo weird.  The last horse was this cute paint who was being ridden double by my trainer and another girl.  We must have looked like the funniest group! We walked around the ranch quite a few times.  Pony got a little nervous at times, but never more than a few trot steps.  The only sketchy part was when we circled the arena (one side of the covered arena is completely closed, and on the outer side is where the hay storage is.  Its kind of in an alley way, and once the sun gets over the arena its a little dark on that side) we were turning the corner to go down the alley way ish, when two horses in a corral to our right got fiesty and started rearing up at eachother.  It clearly scared her and she started trotting down the alley way.  She wasnt hugely responsive to the rope when she was obviously spooked.  So i just relaxed my body as much as I could and wiggled all over her back in this terrible trot until she had calmed down.  It wasn't much, which is really awesome that that was our sketchiest part!

She was super responsive for the most part to sitting back and saying whoa.  She'd stop on a dime.  I think that we're getting along suuuper well, and I am having sooo much fun with her.  I think shes having a lot of fun with me too!

pony nose! Or should I say donkey....more on that one to come ;)


  1. You guys are doing so well she clearly shows tht while she isn't the most trusting person she is trusting you which is just great :)

  2. Way to go!!!!! I'm glad you had fun. Mostly I'm glad you two are really starting to connect.


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