Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Saga of the boarding continues...

In which pony gets to go back to her previous paddock! I'm really happy.  I think the final straw was today, I went to go get her, and it was feeding time, and she was standing on the far end and none of the horses were letting her near any food.  

I mean, I understand that theres a point of breaking in when a new horse gets introduced to a herd, but its been a week and her butt is still swollen.  The paddock shes in right now is right next to her old one, so she was just pacing back and forth by the fence like 'come on guys let me back in!!!'

She used to be boarded alone with pinky.  Pony loved pinky.  Pinky liked pony.  Pinky is kinda a bitchy mare.  Now that she has new friends, she doesn't like pony anymore.  I guess they were full on like butts against eachother and it got pretty sketchy there for a minute, I wasn't there to see it.

I'm just really happy she gets to go back in with all the horses she can bully haha.  

She is very sweet though.  She rarely is actually mean to any of her herd, she is just very dominant.  She doesn't have to kick or bite to show what she wants, a simple ear flick and she gets it, and then shes nice. 

So, since she isn't getting moved back until tonight, I gave her an extra big bucket of grain, since she clearly wasn't allowed near any of the food.

And let me tell you, this horse is the slowest damn eater I have ever seen.  She's such a freaking mustang.  Just look at this video.  I think part of it was that there was butte and electrolytes and psyllium in it, so it might have been a bit, thick...hahaha

She just makes me laugh to watch her.  She just has to take a bite, then look around, chew, look around, smell around, then take another bite.

My trainer did some endurance with her, and she finally had to stop because Pony would come up lame at the end, but have NO warning signs until then! It was like she was in pain but hiding it until the race was over.  Clearly, that doesn't work for anyone haha.  Also, because when she's in a different environment she didn't want to put her head down long enough to drink, so she'd wait until she was like about to pass out of thirst to drink.

Such a silly mustang!

Also, this is awesome.  Has anyone ever heard of the wild ponies of Chincoteague?  I just heard of them.  They are seriously awesome.  Its a small island in virgina that has Ponies that have adapted to beach life.  They eat sea grass and whatever grows in the dunes, and drink from freshwater ponds.  They live ON THE BEACH! how cool is that? They swim in the ocean! 

They are technically the property of the Chincoteague Fire Department, how weird is that? They maintain their land, etc and be sure that they have proper grazing and water, and in turn, every july they have water cowboys herd them from the ocean and they auction some of them off, very similar to how BLM does.  

Isn't that the most bizzare thing you've ever heard of?

How cool would that be to have a wild beach pony?! 

I guess the idea is that there were a lot of ship wrecks on the coast of the atlantic ocean in the 1500's and thats how these ponies came to be here...They made their way to shore once their ship had crashed and since this happened so many times, there became a herd! They adapted to eat forage that grows on the beach.

Its a really interesting thing! There are like, thousands of people that come out to watch the pony swim every year too. Its crazy.  

By the way, I found out how to upload videos to youtube where its not crazy pixely.  

In case anyone wanted to watch my shining moment in HD :)

Believe me, I don't blame you if you don't hahah

Also, here are pictures of ponies poor bum :( You can see where its swollen right near her tail.  

When I was grooming her too, she was fly kicking when I was rubbing her right side around her ribs.  Since there were no flies in sight, I'm going to assume she got kicked on her side too :( Poor pony!


  1. A woman at the last barn I was at had a Chincoteague yearling she bought at that auction. He was the scrawniest, ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life lol. I'm most of them aren't like that, but I was not impressed.

    1. Hahaha, thats so funny!

      I did think it was interesting reading about it that they are chincoteague 'ponies'. And not horses.

  2. I'm surprised you never read the story Misty Of Chincoteague as a young girl. I thought that every horsey girl in the world owned that book. It is by Marguerite Henry (not sure I spelled that right) and a great story. I just recently got the copy I had as a child back from my mom.
    Poor Pony Girl, all bit up. She'll heal up but will be a little sore for a while. I'm glad she gets to move back to her old diggins tho.

    1. So everyone knows about these chincoteague ponies but me?! Wow, i feel like I've missed out on a part of childhood!

      I'll have to get that book lol. i'm so happy shes back in her old paddock, shes just been so sad!

  3. Thats so cool I've never heard about them and think that they are so awesome, so going to have to find out more about this :)


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