Monday, January 14, 2013

In which Pony questions what this 'little thing' is

Pony is an awesome horse with kids.  She's super cautious and will be perfect for them.  If they ride her, she goes super slow and makes sure to keep them safe.

With that being said, she could never be a childs horse.  She would absolutely blow up if she was constantly worried about the small thing she is carrying around.

So I took the little boy I nanny for to see pony, and she was just adorable!

Do you see the horse behind them? When we pulled up Reed goes 'oh my gosh i see a Giraffe!!'
Hes four.

Look at how curiously protective she looks!

Ground tied like a champ!

He was feeding her carrots, and he kept dropping them when her lips got close to his hand.  Then,  I held his hand in mine to help him feed her, and when she took it he started screaming and clapping his hands in excitement, when he was basically this close to her face.  She kind of moved her face back in surprise but was pretty much like 'oh the little thing screams at me. ok...'

Alright, everyone needs to take a look at this picture, and wonder if shes not like part donkey.  I mean, come on!!! Look at those ears! It makes me laugh sooo hard when I see this picture.

He wasn't scared of her at all, but he was definitely a little bit nervous of her big lips and wandering nuzzle.  Look at how sweet she looks though :) She's all over her new little friend. But also, sooo gentle, There was never a step too close, or any semblence of a nibble.

I looped her lead over her neck and put his hand under her chin to lead her, and she totally let him! She barely moved her feet, as to be careful not to step on him.

She was so curious about him!

She looks like she has grumpy ears in all of these pictures, but she was just being very aware of her surroundings, she was super relaxed with him, but clearly protective and watching out.

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  1. This is just so completely and utterly adorable she seems to really generally care about people :') she was so careful with him! My boy was like this with my one year old nephew


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