Monday, January 7, 2013

Equestrian Challenge Day 15

If you could say anything to any horse, living or dead, what would you say?

I think this post is too much fun to only choose one horse!

So I am going to say a little bit to most horses that I've ridden!

Chili - you tricky bitch! I wish I could ride you now, you were such a funny mare.  I was so inexperienced and overwhelmed, man would we have fun now!

Oreo - I wish I could give you a better life.  You were bored, and your owners suck.  Im sorry. You are so beautiful! But don't let that go to your head.  Your one tricky mare.

Chrome - You probably feel like I have abandoned you.  I'm sorry.  I wish you didn't scare me like you did.  I wish I had the time and confidence to make you something amazing.  The facility wasn't working, and I honestly just needed help, which you don't get from an always empty barn!

Kadin - You are the sweetest horse I've ever ridden.  You are my prince charming.  Thank you for teaching me to relax.  Thank you for teaching me to trust.  Thank you for being perfect with me.  Thank you for trusting me, thank you for helping me become a better rider.

Pony - I am trying so hard.  I want you to trust me.  I want you to know that you can trust me.  You are so good to me, thank you for teaching me the lessons I need to know to be a good rider.  Thank you for being what you are, and teaching me how to deal with it.  I know I don't always handle you perfectly, thank you for putting up with me.  

Liam - You are so much fun.  You are such a great pony.  I'm so sorry for what your owner has been doing, I hope you get everything you deserve at the new barn.  You are awesome, I wish there was more I could do.

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