Saturday, January 5, 2013

Equestrian challenge day 13

Most embarassing moment :

Hmm. Must be equestrian related, I would presume?

I don't know if I have any horsie embarassing moments. It was definitely a bit embarassing the second time I fell off pony that one day. However, I wouldn't say that's a most embarassing moment, since everyone falls, I mean comeon.

The first time I went to a gymkhana, I took kadin, an Arab. He was great for me all day long. But I had only been riding about six months, and I was obviously out of my comfort zone. I got to one of the final events, walked into the arena, and stopped until I got the judges ok. I got the ok and squeezed kadin forward. Instead, I felt his back end rise up a little. He decided to prolong his 'eyes on him' by peeing.

It was pretty awkward, but what can you do but laugh about it?

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