Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day Eleven Challenge

Find a horse online you would like to buy.

Ooh this one is fun. But how can I choose one?!

Ok, so I started to write this post almost two weeks ago.  However, it is waaaay harder than I thought it would be!!

For me, I have never had to shop for a horse.  And I don't reeeally think I would ever have to.  When I am going to get a horse in the future, I think I will go to a rescue or try to find a horse who needs a home.  In this economy, I would want to give a home to a horse that would otherwise be put down!

I know that is not always a viable option, but that would be where I might first look for a horse.

The biggest thing I want in a horse is personality, and willingness.  I want a horse that will help me jump when I feel like jumping, trail ride when I feel like that, carry me around bareback, and do anything for me.  I don't expect perfection in any area, I just want a horse that will do anything I feel like doing!  (Which is why pony is perfect for me!)

I definitely don't think I could ever go to riding a super laid back pokey horse after riding so many sensitive horses, so I would look for one that is sensitive.

However, for the sake of this post, here is a post on my local craigslist of a BEAUTIFUL coloring.  I think that I would love to get a unbroke horse in the future and break it myself.  But this is in the future of course.

I think my first stop would definitely be a mustang adoption or rescue.  Mustangs are just so much fun!


  1. Challenging.....Never easy, starting a horse, whatever you do wrong, is passed to the horse. Its a be very careful time. But i started a few, my first only 9 years ago, I made a few errors, but managed to correct them. The second horse was much better, and so on. But a rescue horse is what i do, we get a lot, this last two or three years, more than I could handle. So yes rescue is an option, but dont forget, your sometimes getting other peoples problems.

  2. Darn! I can't see the picture from this computer, will have to look again when I get home.
    I have to agree with Cheyenne, an unbroke horse is a lot of work. More than I realized when I got Sassy.

  3. I have had lots of babies here and next time I will be the opposite and find a broke one, lol. or an young one to put through training.


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