Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 19 Challenge

So for day nineteen the question is what discipline would I like to try that I have never tried before.

I would really like to get more into working cows.  I have a tiny bit, but not very much.  I wouldn't mind to learn to rope too.

Also, I think jumping is cool to learn, and me and pony are getting there.  It is a bit slow going because while I am trying to improve my english seat, I also don't want to lose my western seat, and I also ride bareback along with trail riding/riding around the ranch.  I think that eventing is really awesome too.

One thing that I wish I could just try once, is to ride a really well trained dressage horse, I definitely wish I could have a chance to feel those fancy moves, like a piaffe and a passage, etc.

I feel like the basics of dressage are things that I do in every ride with pony, sans perfect collection.  When seeing the lower level dressage tests, its honestly all stuff that you should always be working with your horse on, controlling their gaits, getting lower transitions, and upward transitions, transitioning from every gait, moving off your leg, etc.  With that being said, I am totally not saying that dressage is a piece of cake, if anyone takes it that way.  I just mean that my understanding of the lower levels of dressage is that its really being able to communicate quietly with your horse and have your horse be responsive to you.

The only things I'm not really interested in doing right now in my equine life is driving.  Not to say that I won't want to fiddle with it down the line, I think its awesome, just right now it's not something I'd want to test out.  I think I pretty much covered most things you can do with horses!

One other thing that I would think it would be cool to try for like, two seconds until I fell off would be riding side saddle.  It would be cool to just feel how different it is, you know?


  1. I think you are right, there is much to be learned in other disciplines that will make us better riders in our chosen discipline.
    Love the new header pic!

    1. I completely agree with everything you said, I love dressage and got to ride a high level school master and being able to feel that was just like 'wow'

  2. Thanks!! Thats my ford that I bought a few months ago, her names Gretchen haha.

    I drive a little saturn and have since I got it when I was sixteen, but have always wanted a truck just for fun. The stars aligned and I found my beauty in september when a guy posted it on craigslist for 1000. It didn't run, but was in GREAT shape for a truck that old. I offered him 450 and he took it. Turns out it was a 40 dollar part that I needed to replace and she fired right up!

    Anyways, yeah! I don't think that theres anything that you can do with horses that wouldn't help you improve in some way.

    Even horsepeople that are clearly dummies that do stupid things sometimes have a different way of looking at something, or explaining something that can help you out!

    I took lessons from this woman that was totally weird but I remember thinking how cool it was that we trailered out, and when we were going to put the horses bridles on, she just ground tied them and they both were like 'well, since your our ride home, we're not going anywhere' and even though basically everything else she said seemed stupid to me, i remember thinking it was cool that she knew her horses wouldnt be brats and try to go anywhere.


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