Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day 18 Challenge

My grooming routine

My grooming routine depends on two things

1) How much time I have

2) How dirty my pony is!
If pony has rolled in the mud, or is really dirty, I get to work with one of these and scrape all that pesky mud off of her. 

After that, I get all the dirt trapped underneath the mud with one of these

These are especially awesome for getting the mud on their legs and more 'delicate' areas that you don't want to scrape a big metal thing haha

Then I like to use a stiff bristled brush like this

with a flicking motion, to remove all the dirt that I curried up.  In the winter when her coat is really thick, I generally only use a stiff brush, once it gets nicer and she sheds out to a nice sleek coat, I use a soft brush after the stiff brush.

After that, I pick her hooves

I then use this stuff

In case any of you don't know what this is, its awesome.  Its at any drug store in the hair aisle, specifically under the 'ethnic hair' section.  It costs about 5 dollars and is literally a olive oil spray.  Its better than any horse detangler, cheaper, and better for their hair.  It also makes it super shiny, and has a kind of sweet smell.  One person at the barn got everyone else onto it, its seriously the best stuff ever. Spray enough of it in and it will get any amount of mud or tangles out.

Then I use one of these puppies 

and brush that pretty thing out! 

If pony isn't muddy at all, and its not shedding season, I skip the metal curry.  

If I am really in a hurry and am only jumping on her bareback or whatever, I skip the plastic curry (She stays really clean, i wouldn't do that if she didn't stay so clean!)

Also, I don't brush her mane and tail every time.  I don't want to rip out excess hair if I don't have to, and as long as it doesn't have massive tangles in it, I leave it alone, unless I'm bored or don't feel like it. 

The only two things that I do every single time, is pick out her hooves and brush her coat.  I sometimes even pick out her hooves after we ride, just to make sure that she didn't get any rocks lodged in her feet that would bother her.

And thats pretty much it! Everyone should check out the olive oil spray though, its awesome and you can't beat that price!


  1. I have the purple thing you put on your hand, the thing with 2 sides! love it!
    I use a hard brush and if I have time, a soft brush, just because. Then I pick hooves and comb the mane and tail. I might have to try that olive oil stuff!

  2. I too use those rubber curries and love love them!! Have never heard of the olive oil stuff, dont know if our drugstore would carry it but sure gonna check it out.


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