Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day Two challenge

Question two : What are your current riding goals?

My riding goals change often. In general, overall though, my goal is to be a good rider, communicate well with my horse, and be able to ride bareback just as well as I ride in a saddle!

Apart from that, my goals change monthly....for example, right now I am learning to ride English. And I am going to my first gymkhana with pony a week from Saturday.

Pony is perfect for me, because while she is very broke, she isn't finished in any area. So, she will go in any direction you point her, but she's not going to be perfect anywhere. And I'm the type of person that likes to dabble in all areas, and try new stuff all the time! So while I would like to jump, ponys not going to be a major show horse. While I would like to do gymkhana, I'm not going to be aaa+ with her, and that's ok! I want to do it all!


  1. I think it is cool that you "dabble" in all areas. Keeps life interesting for you and Pony.

  2. I totally agree! My riding goals change all the time. At first, I was anti-dressage. But to get Shy back into training, the trainer was using dressage and Shy was doing well and seemed to enjoy it. So, I was okay with dressage. And now was are working on driving. I would love to just trail ride and goof around with Shy, once we both get some more confidence.


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